6 plants for efficient cleaning of the home and all rooms in the home

6 plants for efficient cleaning of the home and all rooms in the home
Wild, garden and houseplants have strong energy. That is why many plants are powerful home cleaners. Plants also clean the home from the effects of negative energy. Initially, it is recommended to perform a complete cleaning of the home before the “energy” (herbal) cleaning. Clean all corners, windows, doors. Store and arrange wardrobes and shelves with clothes / shoes. Remove all unnecessary items from the home (broken dishes, old magazines, introduced houseplants, broken items, old newspapers and clippings of old paid bills, etc.).
Energy cleansing process with plants: dry grass should be gathered in a bundle with the flower facing it up. Keep a bowl of salt close to turn off the smoking plant at some point. Light the beam and turn it off after a few seconds (so that the beam does not burn but smolders). Hold the bundle in your hand and slowly go to all the rooms of the home starting from the east and clockwise. So the home is filled with the scent of plants and grass. Walk carefully so that sparks do not fly around the room. It is useful to clean the home with plants, ie smoke from burning plants if there are quarrels in the home, conflict situations, feelings of anxiety, energy loss or sick people / animals / pets living in that home. After cleaning with plants, all rooms should be well ventilated.
6 plants that are most often used for energy cleaning at home (smoke of these plants has the property of cleaning):

  1. Wormwood-smoke of this plant soothes, relaxes and reduces stress. Wormwood has a waking effect in the morning, while in the evening it has a counter effect, ie it invites sleep. Protection against negativity is effective.
  2. Thyme-home gives a particularly warm atmosphere, pleasant and calm.
  3. Juniper-has a sweet scent that strengthens good mood and refreshes. This plant is a source of strong energy, restores strength and health.
  4. Lavender-reduces headaches and lowers or stabilizes high blood pressure.
  5. Mint is a plant that brings happiness to the home. The so-called lucky man. It attracts positive energy into the home. This plant also destroys bacteria. This plant is an excellent antiseptic.
  6. Yarrow – supports peace in the family. Leaves drive accidents out of the home, attract wealth, protect children from disease.


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