6 symptoms of poor circulation and preventive measures

6 symptoms of poor circulation and preventive measures
Nutritionists give advice on strengthening circulation and blood circulation:
-consumption of products containing margarine and palm oil is not desirable
-circulation is significantly improved by a 15-minute bath from 40 to 50 ° C before bedtime. Bath is recommended if the person has no contraindications.
-150 minutes per week for light aerobics or 75 minutes of intense exercise
-consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is not desirable because toxic substances damage blood vessels, which is the cause of impaired / poor circulation.
Improper diet, poor mobility / poor movement and bad habits are the causes of poor circulation. Then the organism lacks oxygen and useful substances, the cells stop and the diseases are provoked.
Symptoms of poor blood circulation are:

  1. Numbness of the arms and legs and a burning sensation in the arms and legs – these phenomena can be caused by venous diseases and the formation of blood clots, which is closely related to circulatory disorders.
  2. Winter hardiness-constant feeling of cold hands and feet even in the heat
  3. Skin discoloration – in some parts the skin may be pale yellow or with a blue tinge.
  4. Cramps, convulsions, sudden pain or weakness in the muscles – especially in the legs. Even normal walking causes pain. The person finds it harder to walk or limps slightly.
  5. Disorder of the urination regime – if a person drinks a lot of fluids and goes to the toilet less than 3 times, then it is possible that an insufficient amount of blood reaches the kidneys. Therefore, the urination regime is disturbed.
  6. Nail problems – the surface of the nail may have a yellow or blue tint. The surface of the nail becomes brittle and fragile or thickened, which indicates poor circulation.

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