5 most common domestic uses of 3% Hydrogen


5 most common domestic uses of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Stopping bleeding and cleaning wounds is the most popular application of 3% hydrogen. However, hydrogen is also useful in many other situations because it has other types of applications. Three percent hydrogen is bought in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

  1. Stomathytis-used against cold sores and sores in the mouth. Mix 3% hydrogen with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Shake this liquid in your mouth without swallowing the liquid. Shake for about 30 seconds and spit out. Then wash your mouth with boiled warm water.
  2. Ear plugs – dissolve 20 drops of 3% hydrogen in one tablespoon of water. Drip 15 drops of the solution into the ear where the cerumen plug has formed. Turn your head to the opposite side after 10 to 15 minutes. Dip a hygienic small cotton swab into the water. Thoroughly clean the ears of collected softened cerumen.
  3. Fungi on the feet – mix equal amounts of hydrogen and warm boiled water. Pour into a spray bottle (spray) and shake. Spray the liquid on the feet and legs. Rinse with water after the liquid has dried.
  4. Toothache-mix hydrogen and water in equal amounts. Hold in your mouth for a few minutes then spit it out. With a solution of 3% hydrogen, teeth can be slightly bleached. Then rinse your mouth for 30 seconds twice a day. This liquid also removes bad breath. Do this at most once a week so as not to destroy the beneficial bacteria in your mouth.
  5. Nail whitening-dip the swab into the hydrogen and rub the nails. Do this procedure twice in seven days.


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