Tomato juice is a useful drink for women and men

Tomato juice is a useful drink for women and men
Boiled tomatoes are more useful than fresh tomatoes because the amount of lycopene in tomatoes increases with heating. Tomato juice has the most powerful anticancer effect because it contains lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant in the form of red plant pigment. People who use this drink have a significantly lower risk of cancer (colon cancer, stomach, prostate and cervical cancer). People who unfortunately already have a diagnosed tumor with regular use of tomato juice can significantly improve their health. Doctors notice that most malignant neoplasms in these people then decrease and the disease stops progressing.
Tomato juice with basil
It takes: 4 to 5 kilograms of fresh and ripe red tomatoes, 4 to 6 basil branches, sugar and salt. Preparation: Wash the tomatoes and cut into quarters, removing the stalk. Grind the raw material in a blender or juicer. A meat and sieve machine can be used. Transfer the resulting mass to the pot. Cook for about 15 minutes. Sterilize the jars and cook the lids. One liter of juice contains one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of sugar. Add fresh or dried basil to the boiled tomatoes. Pour the hot drink into jars. Seal the jars. Turn the jar upside down. Cover with blankets. Wait for it to cool. Keep tomato juice in a dry, cool and dark place. Tomato juice can retain all its useful properties for two years if it is made, stored and sterilized in the right way.
For men and women: tomato juice strengthens the structure and strength of muscles and blood vessels. It improves mood and contributes to the production of serotonin. B vitamins from this drink have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and psyche. They help a person cope with stressful situations. The juice contains potassium, so it is drunk against high blood pressure because it prevents heart problems, but only if it is not too salty.
The benefits of this juice for women have been proven. Eliminates the symptoms of the postmenstrual cycle and eases the period of female menopause. Maintains the beauty of skin, nails and hair due to the large amount of vitamins and minerals (especially magnesium and calcium). Vitamin A strengthens eyesight. The juice has a high fiber content and low caloric content (only 18kcal), so it is an integral part of many diets.
Tomato juice is useful for men. It protects the prostate and helps restore sexual function. This is one of the few juices allowed for diabetics to use. It is recommended for diabetics because it has a unique ability to normalize blood sugar.
5 rules for using tomato juice

  1. Juice should not be drunk on an empty stomach because the acids from the juice contribute to the development of gastritis and damage to the stomach wall.
  2. Tomato juice should not be combined with protein and starch. This accelerates the appearance of kidney stones.
  3. Tomato juice is best drunk half an hour before a meal. It is then best absorbed and does not harm the stomach.
  4. The norm is two glasses of juice a day.
  5. It is best to drink unsalted juice because then the juice is most useful.

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