Healthy habits and nutrition from the Guinness Book of World Records


Healthy habits and nutrition from the Guinness Book of World Records
Well-known Russian surgeon Dr. Fyodor Grigorievich Uglov has been entered in the Guinness Book of Records ( because he performed surgical interventions and operations until he was 103 years old. Dr. Uglov is a doctor of medical sciences and a researcher. Dr. Uglov’s diet is still known, which is characterized by simplicity, high efficiency and easy tolerability. Dietary nutrition is named after Dr. Uglov. She has repeatedly received confirmation from the general public and especially successful and famous women from all over the world. Dietary nutrition is popular because of the longevity and vitality of the founders. Dr. Uglov believed that intemperance in eating and excess weight are the main enemies of good health.
Dr. Uglov’s main dietary guidelines
The doctor thought that it was optimal to eat at a certain time, but the diet could be adapted to the wishes of the individual and to any regime during the day. Dr. Uglov recommends getting up from the table with a mild feeling of hunger and constantly avoiding inactive rest / sleep after a meal. The doctor says it is best to take a walk or do some light work right after eating. The rules of diet are simple and accessible to all people. The author called the method “eastern”. He laid the foundations exclusively for tried and tested techniques and principles that help prolong life and give good health. Each individual should adjust their diet in accordance with the recommendations of a doctor who has had a long and healthy life. Dr. Uglov died in 2008. He was 104 years old.


An example of a daily menu of this diet
Breakfast (8-9 hours) – one cup of natural plain black coffee or tea with little or no sugar.
Morning snack (10-11 hours) -hard-boiled egg and eight pieces of prunes boiled under a stream of steam.
Lunch (13-14 hours) -cooked meat (chicken / veal / fish / lean meat), fresh cabbage / carrot salad (100g), orange
Afternoon snack (16-17 hours) -apple or orange and 30 g of hard cheese
Dinner (19-20 hours) -one glass of sour milk drink (yogurt, sour milk or kefir).
The main advantages of this diet:

  • traditional and local products are eaten that do not endanger household finances
    -all permitted foods can be used in various variants. It is important to establish a relatively varied diet
    -absence of schemes, calculations and tables significantly simplifies this way of losing weight
    -the body does not starve with a balanced diet
    -frequent food intake also does not allow the body to starve
  • in 10 to 14 days, a loss of 3 to 5 kilograms is guaranteed
    -there are no contraindications or harmful consequences and there is no danger to the body in this diet
    -universal weight loss system is used in the most severe forms of obesity
    -implementing discipline in the regime of proper nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle
    -easy adaptation to everyday life
    -significant improvement in the work of the intestines and pancreas
    -negative moments include the likelihood of failure due to monotonous foods as well as the primary feeling of hunger. It occurs only in the initial stages and is associated with daily calorie intake.
    10 rules of Dr. Uglov for an active mind, healthier life and physical health:
  1. Eliminate alcohol and cigarettes completely
  2. Stick to dietary restrictions. Eliminate all sweets and products that contain sugar. No more than 150 grams of black bread is allowed during the day. Two hours before bed do not eat too much under any circumstances.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids (water, green or black tea, herbal fluids, fresh homemade juices). You can drink natural coffee in small quantities.
  4. Add as many activities as possible to your own schedule (sports, walking, meditation, yoga, cycling, etc.).
  5. Open yourself to the world. Live with love for yourself, the environment. Communities, animals and nature.
  6. Establish a daily routine, ie set aside time for work and free time, i.e. time for rest.
  7. A night’s sleep should not be shorter than 7 hours.
  8. Physical activity constantly trains the human mind.
  9. Steel your own body at your own discretion.
  10. Do not burden the brain with dietary advice and tips, but take all the tips and use them in moderation.

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