5 tips for proper posture during sleep


5 tips for proper posture during sleep

  1. Each person spends about 50 hours a week in bed if the person is a follower of various sleep tips. Sleep, however, does not mean that a person will not have problems. There is no perfect sleeping position that suits everyone. If a person sleeps incorrectly then they will feel the consequences during the day.
  2. Improper posture – experts advise that there are positions where a person can sleep if he has some kind of pain (such as joint pain). They add that all people who suffer from this type of back pain should reject the habit of sleeping on their backs. It is an incorrect position in which the spine suffers and can cause various problems. A similar effect is created by a pillow that affects the way you sleep. A pillow is especially important if a person has pain in the neck or upper back. Experts say that a special pillow can be a good support for the neck and prevent problems. The person should evaluate a suitable pillow on which it is comfortable to sleep / lie down. Each person can also determine and make an assessment of the appropriate mattress and body position. A soft mattress is often mentioned as the best option for people with back pain. Still, a medium soft mattress is truly the best option experts say.
  3. Bent legs – pain in the spine will be felt by people lying on their backs with outstretched legs. Experts advise that a person lie on the right or left side with bent legs and a pillow between the knees. This gives extra support to the hips and lightens the spine. A pillow placed under your feet will make it much easier for people who like to lie on their backs to sleep.
  4. Neck pain-stiffness and neck pain are common ailments that are present at every age. They can be caused by muscle contraction. They make it difficult to move and create a feeling of uncomfortable stiffness. A person will be able to independently identify the best sleeping option if he sleeps on his back or side. However, a suitable pillow specially designed to protect the natural shape of the neck should be used. Don’t put a lot of pillows under your head or sleep without a pillow as this is not a natural neck position.
  5. Inflammatory conditions and swelling – it is best to sleep on your back with a pillow below the knee, experts say. Because every other position will worsen the pain in the hips. Stocks are smaller or larger bags placed along certain joints. They are also located between individual muscles and tendons and then in places where muscles and tendons have contact with a hard surface (most often with bones). The main role of the mucous sacs is to remove the friction between the tendons or muscles and their base. This process is disrupted by lying on your side. Bursitis may occur. Bursitis is an inflammatory process with characteristic pains, inflammatory conditions and swelling in the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, wrists or feet – experts note.


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