8 tips on mandatory systematic medical examination of a child before playing sports


8 tips on mandatory systematic medical examination of a child before playing sports
At the beginning of the school year, most parents / guardians decide to enroll their child in a sports activity or sports school. It is important to have a sports medical examination before the first training session, doctors say. In a time of pandemic, this medical examination is more important than ever before.
Sports medical examination consists of:

  1. Sports medical examination is an anamnesis in which personal information is stated, as well as the number and type of training to which the child will be subjected. This is followed by a personal anamnesis where data on the child’s health condition, possible injuries, data on regular / emergency vaccines, blood type and the like are determined. For girls, information is added about the possible menstrual cycle.
  2. Family history is done at the end of the examination. This anamnesis implies the determination of hereditary factors for certain diseases.
  3. Then follows the act of review by systems. A basic physical examination, a 12-channel ECG, is performed. Children are developing, so posture is especially important.
  4. Sometimes a sports medical examination reveals existing heart disease. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, new medical discoveries are emerging in children. Myocarditis (an inflammatory condition of the heart muscle) occurs frequently – experts warn.
  5. Myocarditis often occurs as a result of COVID-19 infection in children, experts warn. Myocarditis is an inflammatory condition of the myocardium (middle layer of the heart wall). The pumping function of the heart then weakens due to swelling and damage to muscle cells.
  6. Some of the symptoms of myocarditis are fatigue, rapid fatigue, difficulty breathing on exertion, irritating cough, palpitations, chest pain and the like.
  7. Such heart diseases can cause sudden death of athletes or any person – according to experts.
  8. Otherwise, every child who joins the sports system in any form should have a medical examination and determined general health before starting to engage in any sport and sports activities.


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