L. Nikolayevich Tolstoy is the most widely read writer in the world


L. Nikolayevich Tolstoy is the most widely read writer in the world
Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy is a Russian count, writer, pedagogue, polyglot, shoemaker, farmer. And above all, Tolstoy was a man. The famous Russian writer Tolstoy has always claimed that he writes only because of the search for answers to two questions: where is love of neighbor, and what is the meaning of everything ?. His depictions of psychological motives and sophisticated nuances of the human soul are the most beautiful and deepest descriptions in world literature. Tolstoy was a master of the written word. He had an incredibly interesting life filled with the struggle for humanity, honesty and kindness.
Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy (1828-1910) is a Russian count and author of the most famous and most widely read novels in world literature (Anna Karenina, War and Peace, etc.). He wrote many works that became pearls of Russian and world literature. Tolstys wrote prose but also religious-philosophical treatises. The inspiration in writing the masterpiece was a man with weaknesses, sufferings and sufferings. He opened schools for poor children. Tolstoy financed about 30 schools with his own money. Many famous Russian and world writers learned the craft from Tolstoy. Famous names include Anton P. Chekhov, Maxim Gorky and many others. Tolstoy is a humble, favorite and beloved writer.


Tolstoy was a self-proclaimed anarchist at an earlier age. He moves to Paris on the advice and wishes of his guardian (aunt). My aunt’s wish was for her nephew to “see the world”. Tolstoy attends an aristocratic party in Paris where a servant was killed by guillotine. The writer is appalled by the “charm of the French aristocracy”. He fled to his hometown of Jasna Poljana. The writer has since denied any ties to the nobility and high social circles. He swears that during his life he will only help others and get out of the way of every evil without a shred of opposition. The writer also swears that he will always speak only the truth.
Tolstoy never missed an opportunity to do good for another during his life. He considered laziness and grumpiness a sure sign of human stupidity. At one point, the workers on the farm used to see Tolstoy at the sitting table where he was writing, and at another moment Tolstoy was cleaning the barns, taking out the manure from the barn or mowing the grass. The hand and the brain should never be empty — was Tolstoy’s life principle. The writer has written 5 novels (War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Resurrection, Decembrism, Family Happiness), one trilogy (Childhood, Childhood and Youth) and 17 collections of natural stories (Hadzi Muram, Death of Ivan Iljich, etc.) and many more. toga. The writer actively spoke (read and wrote) 17 world languages. Tolstoy was in his seventies when he began learning Japanese. However, the writer stops learning with the explanation: “Either the language is too difficult or I am too old to do it.”
Sofia Andreyevna was Tolstoy’s wife. She even copied the novel “War and Peace” by hand more than 20 times. Tolstoy was short-sighted. He had illegible handwriting and refused to use glasses. Agrippina was the younger daughter. She corrected the great father’s spelling mistakes. However, Tolstoy once screamed at Agrippina over spelling. The daughter then secretly returned all spelling mistakes to the text of the novel “Resurrection”. That is why the first three editions of this book were printed with errors.
The Russian Academy of Sciences nominated Tolstoy for the Nobel Prize. Tolstoy writes to the Swedes asking them not to award any prize. It will be embarrassing for him to receive the award, a lot of money is really a great suffering for his soul, and the appointment is too big a part.
Tolstoy was a vegetarian from an early age. He wrote that people who love and eat meat are disrespectful of other people’s lives and prone to cannibalism. The structure of teeth and digestive organs is not such that a man would be a predator – said Tolstoy.
Tolstoy walked completely barefoot for years and wore wooden clogs with straw in the winter. He wore boots only when important guests arrived. Tolstoy loved to sew leather boots for guests. Tolstoy’s biographers believe that the writer wanted to show a spiritual connection with ordinary people and nature and to strengthen the organism. Mikhail Sukhotin was also a writer and favorite son-in-law of Tolstoy. Sukhotin kept the same “Tolstoy” boots and the book “War and Peace” on the shelf. Tolstoy often came on foot to Jasna Poljana’s home after his work in Moscow. Two hundred kilometers is enough to “cleanse” the brain – said the writer. The writer was 68 years old when he did the last walk like this.
Sofia Andreyevna adored her husband Tolstoy. The Russians use the expression “she worshiped by seeing the genius in him.” Their lives were filled with love. In accordance with the principles of life, Tolstoy wanted to donate the property “Jasna Poljana” to the poor. Then there was a rift between the writer and Sofia – his wife. Sofia was the mother of 13 children and vehemently opposed this writer’s idea. Tolstoy then leaves home over an argument with his wife. He was 82 years old. On the train, he got pneumonia and died. That was in November 1910 at the Astapovo railway station. He was buried without any noble honors. The writer is buried deep in the woods on their own property. His funeral was without priests, prayers and candles. The funeral was the first such funeral in a high aristocratic society.
The novel “War and Peace” has the greatest composition of characters after the famous Iliad. In addition, the beginning and principle of the novel “Anna Karenina” is often used in science and is based on the aphorism from the beginning of the novel – “All happy families look like each other, and every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” – is a favorite quote of almost everyone women one year after marriage.


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