Healing Tibetan vessels that emit sound


Healing Tibetan vessels that emit sound
The echoing (resonating) sound of the glasses they play has a beneficial effect on all cells of the body. Experts call this effect “vibration massage”. They claim that this effect regulates the stagnation of energy in the body and has a positive effect on the whole organism. The cups they play come from Tibet, India and other countries in the East of the planet. They can be bought in specialty stores and markets during a visit to one of these countries. It is enough to hear only a recording of the sounds from these glasses, which also has a healing effect.

Function of glasses that produce sound
Craftsmen and craftsmen strike these glasses with special wooden rattles, producing / extracting appropriate sounds from them. Craftsmen sometimes use a wooden pestle instead of a rattle. Experts from the Far East claim that if we pass the playing glass behind the person lying down, the sound will be different if there is a power outage and problems with internal organs (which occur due to energy blockage). It is recommended to hold the glass above the diseased part of the body while gently tapping the glass. The energy stagnation is eliminated when the sound from the glass gives the original and clear tone again.

Eliminate negative energy from home and premises
Negative energy is transformed into positive energy with sounds from the glass. It is especially useful to “clean” (disinfect) rooms where people often quarrel and swear. It is good to do this type of cleaning of the apartment (or house) before moving or moving to a new home. It is especially useful to clean a new home with this method if other tenants have already lived in the home. The ringing of glasses attracts happiness, money, health, success and wealth. The ringing of glasses attracts prosperity in a business setting.


The sound from the glasses helps in the following cases:
-The sound of glasses playing removes stress and tension in muscles and body
-increases concentration and strengthens thought processes
-normalizes blood pressure
-synchronizes the work of both hemispheres of the cerebrum, which improves creative abilities
-strengthens the immune system

-frees an individual from insomnia
-contributes to strengthening bones after fractures, faster healing of fractures
-removes energy stagnation, which also means eliminating diseases.





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