7 combinations of certain foods and medicines

7 combinations of certain foods and medicines
Some products, foods, and foods in general can weaken or increase the effects of medications and may even be dangerous to a person’s health. Nutritionists give an explanation of the effectiveness of certain combinations of foods and drugs.

  1. Lemon and statins are used to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, which means preventing atherosclerosis. The body has difficulty secreting enzymes to break down cholesterol plaques in combination with products rich in vitamin C. Consequently, bloating and headaches are possible.
  2. Apples and antihistamines – eat apples no earlier than 4 hours after therapy if you are taking anti-allergy medication. The malic acid contained in this fruit slows down the absorption of antihistamines in the blood which inhibits the action of the drug.
  3. Beef, chocolate, red wine and antidepressants – these products contain the amino acid tyramine. When tyramine is mixed with psychotropic drugs then it can cause a sudden jump in blood pressure.
  4. Dairy products and antibiotics – calcium is contained in milk, yellow cheese and cow’s cheese. Calcium worsens the effect of tetracycline antibiotics. Therefore, it is better to take antibiotics an hour before dairy products or two hours after using dairy products.
  5. Coffee and preparations with iron – caffeine significantly reduces the absorption of iron, which means that the use of caffeine is unacceptable during the treatment of anemia.
  6. Grapefruit and medicines for blood pressure – antihypertensives and statins are not the best combination with grapefruit. The substances contained in this fruit can increase the effect of medications. They can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure or other side effects.
  7. Green vegetables and anticoagulants – vitamin K is contained in cabbage, arugula, watercress, broccoli and the like. Vitamin K can block the action of medicines to thin the blood, prevent thrombosis and stroke. This combination reduces the effectiveness of the therapy.


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