10 eastern tips for a healthy and slender figure


10 eastern tips for a healthy and slender figure
Eastern peoples have the most slender figure – statistics say. However, keeping a slim figure is achievable for all people, regardless of age and genetic predisposition. There is a physical exercise called “one minute for the figure”. Starting position: stand with your back facing the table or chair, your chin raised, your back straight and your shoulders straight. Raise your arms and alternately pull them up. First pull out one hand and then the other. Repeat the exercise 4 times with each hand. Then turn the body to touch the table surface with your hands (the body rotates until the legs move). The person should first turn to the right and then to the left. Do the exercise for one minute. The results will make you happy and are visible after only seven days.

  1. Changing attitudes towards food – people from the East treat food as a necessity of life. Americans, for example, consider a meal a necessity and a time for fun. That is why in America there are numerous culinary show programs, food eating competitions and the like. http://www.nipponshop.net
  2. Reduced portions of food-Easterners eat small portions preferring more dishes in small quantities (and in small bowls). Portions reduced by at least half (for example, a lunch portion) will easily help a person get rid of extra pounds. The usual plate should be replaced with a cup or a small plate so that the person can easily overcome this restriction. A person with this trick does not allow the body to compensate for food by increasing the evening meal / portion. Using chopsticks, smaller snacks are taken, which are better digested. It helps the digestive organs.
  3. Method of food preparation – many tourists say that restaurants / kitchens in the East prepare and predominate mostly fried dishes. Among the locals, cooking and steaming are the most popular ways to prepare food.
  4. Fish and seafood – contain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. These acids have a beneficial effect on immunity and the cardiovascular system. They contribute to active weight loss. http://www.nipponshop.net
  5. The use of fermented foods based on fermented products (miso soup, fermented soy, etc.) contributes to the loss of extra pounds. They play the role of natural probiotics. Milk fermentation makes these products an excellent tool in the fight against internal fats (inside the serous membrane of the abdominal cavity), which are the most dangerous to health.
  6. Tea-In the East, plain and freshly brewed tea is drunk after a meal. Green tea is a favorite beverage. Green tea has been shown to improve digestion while other beverages (for example, a sweet beverage) and even water complicate the process.
  7. Green vegetables in the diet – People in the East eat small portions except green vegetables. Green vegetables are widely present in the diet in the East of the planet. A lot of other fruits and vegetables are also used.
  8. Useful snacks – Asians prefer to snack on nuts, seeds and fruits. Snacks made from algae, rice and legumes are popular as opposed to Europeans who love cakes, pastries, candies, ice cream and potato chips.
  9. Meditation – one of the main features of Eastern medicine is the prevention of disease and the elimination of possible causes of disease, while Western medicine, as a rule, deals only with the consequences of the disease. In the East, being overweight is considered a disease. They successfully prevent the onset of disease by engaging in meditation and achieving inner harmony.
  10. Walking-People in Asia move on foot, by bicycle and by public transport due to the high population density. Namely, all infrastructure is properly distributed in the vicinity of settlements / business zones. Therefore, practically every person does not need to drive to reach a destination (cafe, market, restaurant, shops, laundry, etc.). The average Asian walks more often than anyone else in the world.






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