7 common breakfast products to use more carefully


7 common breakfast products to use more carefully
After the “zero fat” era, the “zero sugar” era came. Ice cream, yogurt, milk cream, pastries, bread, corn flakes, carbonated drinks may not contain sugar but contain a variety of sweeteners. These types of products should be used carefully and without exaggeration – nutritionists and nutritionists agree. Many nutritionists and nutritionists further advise that we sometimes change with healthier variants of breakfast foods and daily diet.

  1. Yogurt – long-term storage of yogurt in the refrigerator means the reduction of beneficial bacteria and the presence of harmful milk protein (which is difficult to absorb and provokes allergic reactions), milk sugar (lactose that causes stomach pain), milk fat (a source of trans fats and free radicals). destroy cells). All dairy products lead to increased mucus production and digestive problems. Therefore, beneficial bifidobacteria are better obtained, for example, from sauerkraut and flax seeds.
  2. Muesli-contains too much sugar. After a few hours the person already feels hungry. This is not about calories, but again about the jump in glucose. Namely, a stable sugar level is the main condition for health and weight loss. A good substitute for muesli is plain porridge with the addition of oil, berries and seeds.
  3. Cheese-cheese with fruit and a spoonful of honey is a favorite morning meal for many. However, this kind of breakfast has little cellulose and no useful fats necessary for the proper functioning of the cells. It has a lot of sugar and hard-to-digest proteins. Eggs with vegetables or crispy bread with hummus and freshly salted fish are the most useful for breakfast.
  4. Fruit juice contains cellulose, which slows down the process of releasing sugar into the blood. But juices do not contain cellulose. Therefore, both domestic and industrial juices greatly raise glucose levels. Therefore, summarizing this information, any juice is best drunk with a meal, ie during a meal. Fruit juices are not recommended for people who want to lose excess weight or establish hormonal balance. Choose unprocessed fruits, vegetable smoothies and vegetable juices (which do not have sugar but have a lot of vitamins) – say nutritionists and nutritionists.
  5. Fitness bar The composition of the fitness bar includes syrups, thickeners, dyes, flavor enhancers, visibly nutty and dried fruits and seeds. Also, a huge amount of fructose that damages the liver, skin and hormonal system. The morning meal can therefore sometimes be one handful of dried fruit and a few pieces of nuts.
  6. Refined oil-oil is heated for a long time to very high temperatures to obtain refined oil. The fat structure collapses as a result. Fats are converted into trans fats. It is a source of free radicals that lead to disease and premature aging.
  7. Products with low fat content – manufacturers often improve the taste with sugar and salt due to the absence of fat in the product. Fat deprivation is also a lengthy manipulative production process that does no good to such foods. On the contrary, this process changes the food by removing useful substances from the food.

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