Pearl powder is widely used in cosmetics

Pearl powder is widely used in cosmetics
The range of uses of pearl powder in modern cosmetics is very wide. The cosmetics industry uses pearls in hair and nail polishes, body lotions, face creams and other products. Pearl powder strengthens nails and hair, narrows pores, tightens and rejuvenates the skin and improves complexion.

Pearls contain the organic acid conchiolin, which is rich in antioxidant properties. Protects the body from ultraviolet radiation (UV), activates protective processes in cells and normalizes pH levels. Conchiolin is the “sixth life element” in which almost all existing elements of the natural amino acid have been discovered. Natural amino acids are the basic material for creating new healthy cells. It activates the cells of the immune system and thus increases the ability to heal itself. Pearl powder also contains glucose, vitamins B and D and about 20 different chemical elements necessary for the body. By the way, only original natural pearls (not artificial pearls) are medicinal.
Homemade pearl water is an extremely healing liquid. Pour four or five pearls with a glass of water. Leave overnight. Drink one glass of pearl water a day. Water that stood during the growing month (a period of two weeks between the new and full moon) is the most efficient. Keep homemade pearl water in a bottle with dark glass to retain its healing properties for as long as possible. A milliliter or two milliliters of cognac can be added to the bottle. So you get a tincture that can stand for a while. Take 5 drops in one glass of water twice a day. Put two drops once a day on the tongue but on an empty stomach. The product can be applied to and on pulse points on the skin. While taking pearl water, it is useful to wear a pearl ring (pearl in a silver frame or a silver ring) on ​​the little finger of the right hand.
Pearl water is useful for:
-stop bleeding (hemorrhoids, heavy monthly bleeding / cycles, bleeding from gums)
-inflammatory state and fever
-liver disease and kidney stones
-osteoporosis even after bone fractures
Pearl water bath – add one to two glasses (in which you have dipped pearls or pearl powder overnight, which is even more effective for the bath) in a bath with a temperature of 36 to 37 ° C. Use the bath for 15 minutes. A session of 7 to 8 baths increases skin tone and tightens the skin. It makes the skin more radiant and velvety. Equalizes skin tones.
Lithotherapy advises the use of pearls in the following ways:
-Wear pearl earrings in case of otitis (inflammatory condition of the ear) because it helps in healing ear diseases.
-It is good to put a necklace with pearls on the forehead if a person has a migraine attack
-Put the pearl necklace around your neck due to the elevated temperature. The natural coolness of pearls helps reduce fever
-rub the pearl necklace with your fingers due to nervous tension. You can roll the pearls between your palms which gives a quick feeling of calm.

The tradition of medicine in the East:

  1. In Japan, pearl powder is recommended for the prevention of diseases of bones and joints, strengthening teeth, hair and nails.
  2. In China, pearl is believed to alleviate inflammatory conditions. Pearls are placed on the site of pain, most often in the form of lotions with pearl water. The lotion also helps the bones to heal faster due to fractures (because then the body especially needs more calcium).
  3. In Thailand and Laos, pearl powder is added to products to normalize digestion, reduce stomach acid and improve liver function. Pearl powder also helps hepatitis sufferers. Relieves pain and discomfort.
  4. Pearl is used as a sedative and is recommended for people who want to lose excess weight in Tibetan medicine.
  5. The people of India drink water from a vessel containing a few tiny pearls because they believe that pearls give the water tonic and invigorating properties.

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