6 homemade cosmetic recipes with the use of whey


6 homemade cosmetic recipes with the use of whey
Empowering and refreshing drink “whey” is a true cocktail of beauty and youth. It contains a lot of useful vitamins. Whey from various manufacturers can be bought in stores. You can also make homemade whey at home.
Useful tips for homemade whey:

  • skim milk should be used. Milk with 0.5% fat is ideal.
    -pasteurized milk from the store does not need to be boiled. Simply heat the milk to keep it warm.
    -The amount of whey is always different but from one liter of milk there should be half a liter of whey. Vias can always be frozen.
    -It’s good to soak your hair with whey. Apply this drink to dry hair. Wrap and hold for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with baby shampoo.
    -If you take a bath with whey, then pour one liter to one and a half liters of whey in the tub. Fill the rest (up to half of the tub) with water. Use the bath for 20 minutes, after which the skin will be soft and velvety.
    Recipe number 1. for whey – add one tablespoon of sour cream (or kefir) to one liter of boiled or pasteurized warm milk. Cover with a clean cloth and leave in a warm room for 12 to 24 hours. Thick clots are visible as soon as the milk coagulates. It is a thick sour milk. Heat this mixture until you get cheese. Strain through a linen cloth. Young cheese can be used for eating. The resulting liquid is whey. Refrigerate before use.
    Recipe number 2. for whey – in one liter of heated milk pour the juice of one lemon. Stir immediately and strain.
    6 homemade face masks
    After applying any rejuvenating mask, it is useful to wash your face with (fresh or dried) parsley juice. This juice can be frozen in ice molds. This rubs the skin of the face in the morning and evening. Another option is to wash the face (after applying one of the face masks) with whey diluted with water (in a ratio of 1: 1). Allow this liquid to dry naturally on your face for better effect. After ten minutes, rinse your face with clean water. The skin will be incredibly fresh and soft.
  1. Mask with tea – three teaspoons of green tea grind into powder. Add two small tablespoons of starch, 2 tablespoons of kefir and half a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix all ingredients. Put the mixture on your face and hold for 15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water afterwards. Green tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Kefir contributes to the elasticity of facial skin. Olive oil softens the skin while starch cleans pores on the face.
  2. Mask with aloe and lemon – mix one tablespoon of aloe juice with beaten egg whites and lemon juice. Put it on your face. Apply a second coat of mask after the first coat has dried. Leave for 15 minutes. Remove the mask with a piece of cotton wool dipped in warm water. This mask whitens the skin and “irons” wrinkles.
  3. Mask with mashed potatoes – put two spoons of warm mashed potatoes (without fat and oil) on the face. After 20 minutes, rinse your face. This remedy removes traces of fatigue and reduces wrinkles.
  4. Mask with oatmeal – dip two tablespoons of oatmeal in milk. Add half a spoon of honey and stir. Put on face and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. The preparation tightens the muscles on the face.
  5. Mask with cucumbers – Chop one medium-sized cucumber and add half a tablespoon of dog thorn oil. One to two teaspoons of yogurt will enhance the effect of this remedy. Keep the prepared mixture on your face for 20 minutes, then rinse your face. The skin is smooth, taut and fresh.
  6. Mask with coffee – mix one tablespoon of ground coffee, one tablespoon of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of honey with 2 quail eggs. Add cinnamon to this mixture on top of a knife (pinch). Hold the mask for one hour and then rinse. You can prepare this mask in larger quantities and keep it in the refrigerator (in a glass jar).

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