Gold is a metal capable of stabilizing the human psyche


Gold is a metal capable of stabilizing the human psyche
Gold is the basis of the world financial system. They wrote verses about gold, gold made masterpieces, gold is loved and gold is medicine. Unfortunately, it is very rare that gold does not suit a certain person and has contraindications. It is better to take off gold jewelry if a rash appears on the skin after wearing it. The same goes for using today’s popular creams with gold powder.
Gold (solar metal) was popular during the heyday of ancient civilizations (Maya, Aztecs and Egyptians). The peoples of ancient civilizations treated gold as a deity. From gold they created works of art that are invaluable today. Unique operations with the use of gold were also performed before the new era. The operations were performed for the benefit of human health. Namely, ancient surgeons introduced golden needles to patients with special techniques. Surgeons then removed microscopic pieces of the brain. This process enabled the brain to transmit and receive different types of waves after the operation. After the operation with the golden needles, the brain was a kind of “radio receiver”. The brain also acquired the gift of dreaming and telepathy. A person would have the ability to make contact with anyone at a great distance.


Chrysotherapy is treatment with preparations containing gold. Chrysotherapy has become very popular in recent years. If a person includes drugs with gold in the treatment scheme then polyarthritis, hypertension, periodontitis, bronchial asthma and alcoholism can be treated. Gold has the ability to stabilize the human psyche. It has a beneficial effect in case of hysteria and epilepsy. Eliminates heart attacks. However, the healing effect is achieved by using / wearing pure gold and an alloy of gold with platinum (8% to 12% platinum) or an alloy of gold and silver. Scientists have recently proven that human blood contains gold (minimum concentration). Homeopaths believe that even this minimum concentration of gold in the blood is very active. The number of rejuvenation interventions using golden threads is growing over the years. Cosmetics with gold are also becoming increasingly popular around the world.
Otherwise, it is enough for a person to pick up a gold object and gradually forget all the inconveniences and insults. Depression also disappears. Thought concentration on gold also cleanses the human subtle body of energy mud well. There is an ancient recipe for golden water that strengthens strength and contributes to faster recovery from disease.
Recipe for water with gold – put a gold coin in a glass or ceramic vessel (or any piece of gold jewelry but without stones). Pour clean water. In the early morning, place a dish prepared in this way in the sun so that the rays refract on the dish. Take the dish out to an open and dark place during a cloudy and gloomy day. Gently cover the container after sunset so that air can penetrate the container. Put the bowl back in a dark place. Drink one sip of golden water for seven days three times daily before meals. Make a new amount of golden water again. Take a 3-day break every 14 days. The natural talents and abilities of an individual in addition to the healing effect will then be revealed after one year.
Gold is an accumulator of power from space. The impact of gold on human energy is still an undiscovered area. Gold somehow revives the human body and improves mood. There is a simple experiment by which every person can check the effect of gold. Place a gold ring without a stone or any other piece of gold jewelry on your finger or around your neck. Try to remember your own condition before wearing gold jewelry. And look at your own condition 15 minutes after wearing gold jewelry. If the feeling even remains the same before and after wearing the gold ring then undoubtedly the working capacity will be strengthened and the flow of thought will become clearer. This metal calms and relaxes and gives a person a certain inner attraction. Numerous experiments have shown this. A person gains more strength the longer he wears jewelry with gold. The gold owner leads to an improvement in life, i.e. gold easily gets used to the host / owner of the jewelry / ring. So gold is a kind of accumulator of power from space that it transmits to the owner, while the owner should direct the obtained power to spirituality, business success, private success, improved and targeted education or some other goal (direction) of her/his choice.

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