7 effective exercises to help you cope with shocking situations (and events)

7 effective exercises to help you cope with shocking situations (and events)
Most people do not have an adequate reaction or protection after experiencing stressful and shocking situations. Dozens of variants of normal reactions appear to each person after a certain time. Inadequate reaction, inability to speak and defend against shocking situations affect the individual, the environment and life in general. However, there are psychological treatments that help a person maintain rationality and react somewhat normally in moments of intense experience. There are neurolinguistic programming exercises that help even though they seek to activate each individual’s imagination according to his / her abilities.

  1. A person should imagine sitting in the center of an empty movie theater.
  2. A person should imagine a black and white photograph on a large movie screen. A person needs to imagine themselves on screen but for a moment before an intense emotional experience.
  3. The person should get out of their own body for a moment and move to the projection room. A person should imagine that he is a mechanic who plays a film projection. That’s how he sees himself on a chair in the cinema hall, watching the cinema screen.
  4. The person should imagine turning on the projector to turn a black and white photo into a black and white film about the situation the person is experiencing. The person should always hold the film projector switch with his hand, otherwise the situation may be missed.
  5. Now the person should watch the movie called “experiencing the situation” from beginning to end and stop it at the place where the unpleasant / stressful / shocking event happened and where the person experienced strong emotions.
  6. The person should “return” from the projection booth to his own body in the cinema hall and on the screen. Ie. the person needs to enjoy what is happening on the movie screen.
  7. The person should now imagine that the film is in color and set it to go in reverse order. A person should not forget that this is just a fantasy in which absolutely anything is possible.
  8. The exercise is quite complicated at first glance, but it can be done in everyday stressful and more or less shocking situations.
  9. Practice shows that only one exercise is enough, ie one completely successful attempt for each person to easily apply this exercise.

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