Spices that can effectively replace salt and sugar in the diet


Spices that can effectively replace salt and sugar in the diet
Many people have a habit of making abundant use of salt and sugar in their favorite coffee, salad, soup, meat and similar foods and beverages. Followers of a healthy diet, by contrast, always look for substitute spices by avoiding both salt and sugar. Salt retains water in the body and raises blood pressure. Sugar can lower good cholesterol levels. As a result, people are more susceptible to diseases including heart disease. There are substitutes for salt and sugar that will not change the taste of your favorite foods and drinks.
Natural salt substitutes are:
Seaweed contains natural sea salt. Chopped into dry kelp (sold in pharmacies) add to vegetable salads or other dishes. This preserves good taste and nourishes the body with useful substances.
Dried tomatoes, celery root, paprika – rich in natural salty taste. They can be prepared at home very easily. Slow drying is required in 10 to 15 hours in the oven at a temperature of 80-100 ° C. The vitamins in the vegetables and the aroma of the vegetables will be preserved during this slow drying.
Lemon and pomegranate juice-with lemon juice can be made topping for all vegetable salads. Pomegranate juice can be used to prepare marinades for meat and fish. Or you can season meat and fish with these juices.


Natural sugar substitutes are:
Stevia-herb stevia tastes 10 times sweeter than sugar. That is why stevia powder should be added to drinks and desserts in very small quantities (literally the tip of a knife).
Honey can be added to coffee, tea, oatmeal, cold dessert, cakes, cauldrons and smoothies.
Dried fruit is a great substitute for sugar. It can be added to some types of cheese, oatmeal and similar dishes. Pre-soaked fruit (in water) can be used as a sweetener for any smoothie.



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