Sea salt, ginger and cinnamon are good choices for winter baths

Sea salt, ginger and cinnamon are good choices for winter baths
Warm baths are best used on cold days. Cinnamon is usually associated with fragrant apple cakes and hot teas. This super healthy spice can also be a great addition to baths on cold days. Sea salt is an ideal supplement that reduces stress, soothes sore muscles and detoxifies the skin. The combination of sea salt and cinnamon will cleanse the skin, relax muscles, relieve cramps, but also give a relaxing and positive mood to the user.
Cinnamon was also used in ancient cultures for the purpose of spiritual cleansing. Cinnamon cleanses the body of toxins, which is especially useful after illness. It gives an extra dose of energy and lifts the mood. Cinnamon has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. It has a decongestant effect, i.e. it unclogs the nose and sinuses and has a beneficial effect against colds. Cinnamon is a natural disinfectant (skin cleanser) and astringent (tightens the skin). Cinnamon is a common ingredient in natural soaps due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Cinnamon cleanses the skin of eczema, redness, acne and other skin diseases. Cinnamon and ginger stimulate blood circulation to the surface. Due to the action of cinnamon ingredients, a person can feel warm for hours.


Sea salt has therapeutic and healing properties. Clean pores. It nourishes the skin with an abundance of minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium). Magnesium and potassium enter the body under the action of hot water. They stimulate the elimination of toxins and the establishment of balance in the body. Frequent use of a bath with sea salt (due to the abundance of minerals in sea salt) strengthens the immunity and the person becomes more resistant to disease. Salt has an antibacterial effect and helps retain moisture in the skin. Helps remove impurities from the skin. The skin becomes brighter and softer after applying sea salt in baths. Natural sea salt has alkaline or alkaline properties. Excessive acidity of the body depletes vital organs and draws minerals. It is sea salt that helps restore essential minerals. The combination of sea salt and cinnamon relaxes and warms the user, cleanses and nourishes the skin while the muscles are rested. It is desirable to apply a bath before bedtime.
Bath mixture: 3 cups Ceylon cinnamon powder, one cup natural sea salt. Fill the tub with warm water and add a quarter of this mixture. Relax in the bath for up to half an hour. A baby bath should contain half of these ingredients. Cinnamon can be tied in gauze or similar fabric. Then just put the bundle in hot water. Then the bathtub will be left without stains. A little powdered ginger (which also has excellent warming properties) can be added to the bath.

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