7 health tips from Japanese expert Hiromi Shinya


7 health tips from Japanese expert Hiromi Shinya
Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a gastroenterologist from Japan. Dr. Shinya is especially esteemed in Japan and America. He has published many books on health. His books have helped many people find a cure for diseases. Many doctors especially respect the Japanese specialist who eliminates the disease and prevents the occurrence of the disease. Dr. Hiromi says that the human body can stay healthy at any age and even in later life. The Biozyme program is focused on the ability of cells to absorb the maximum amount of energy from the food consumed. This in turn has a rejuvenating effect on the body. Dr. Shinya advises patients and writes in books about several basic steps towards generally strengthening the health of the whole organism.
Dr. Shinya’s small fasting means a period of starvation from evening to the next morning. This is necessary to reduce the load on the digestive tract and preserve the enzyme. A person can drink a glass of warm water before going to bed and drink a glass of water again the next morning. It is advisable to drink a glass of water before lunch. Detoxification began if a person felt hungry. A person can lie on his back to improve the detoxification process. The person should be relaxed in a supine position and take a deep breath from the abdomen and exhale through the mouth. Repeat the exercise ten times. The goal of this procedure is starvation accompanied by positive emotions because it means that the cells are renewed.

  1. Balanced diet-85% plant foods (cereals, beans, peas, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, etc.) and about 10% protein (chicken, beef, fish, eggs, almonds, etc.). It is necessary to use additional vitamin and mineral supplements (honey, propolis, herbal teas). It is necessary to completely exclude or have a limited consumption of animal fats, dairy products, coffee, green tea, sweets, sugar, table salt, chocolate and alcoholic beverages. The general recommendations are that a person should not drink or eat anything 4 hours before bedtime, the person should chew food thoroughly and drink freshly squeezed juice half an hour before bedtime. Then, it is recommended to take fruit as a snack, eat more fresh and cooked food, often use fermented food.
  2. Pure water-adults should drink at least 7 glasses of water a day (i.e. 1 to 3 glasses of water in the morning, and one glass of water before meals).
  3. Natural bowel cleansing — bowel cleansing should be cleansed daily without the use of laxatives.
  4. Physical activity – the best is non-violent active living. It is desirable to spend as much time outdoors in nature, swimming, walking, jogging, yoga and the like.
  5. Rest-every day at the same time a person should go to sleep. Sleep should last at least 6 hours. Half an hour of relaxation before lunch is useful.
  6. Breathing exercises – it is necessary to regularly practice proper breathing (deep inhalations and exhalations from the abdomen) and positive thinking. A person should respect their own body, be in shape and not use clothes that restrict the body and movement.
  7. Manifestations of love – can be towards people in the environment, family members, friends, pets and love for the whole world. One should find joy in everything, life and environment. One should often laugh, dance, sing and rejoice. One should always be grateful for loved ones.

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