Feng shui: water energy in the home can bring immense happiness

Feng shui: water energy in the home can bring immense happiness
Water can bring immeasurable happiness and well-being to any home β€” says the postulates of this philosophy. Lack of water energy in the home on the contrary attracts poverty. Water is an element of wavy and irregular shape. The color of the water is blue and black. The north is the side of the world that is attributed to water. Water belongs to number one accordingly. Winter is a season associated with water. The energy of water Chia is declining, liquid and constant. It helps people when things are stagnant for a long time and need to be restarted. It has a beneficial effect on communication. It is related to the inflow of funds. Hydropower can make householders undecided if it is over-activated. Lack of hydropower or too low intensity of hydropower is manifested in lack of money, problems in business advancement and generally difficult life. The middle son will be hardest hit because the north traditionally belongs to him. The activation of water energy requires a detail (object) that symbolizes this element. It can be an actual body of water or an artificial image of water. For additional reinforcement of the water element, we will use some details of the metal element. Water is the most powerful element that has a beneficial effect in small quantities and with proper use. Water, on the other hand, can be as devastating as a flood.

Feng shui believes that water brings immeasurable happiness and well-being while adhering to basic rules. The water should be fresh, clear and should flow and murmur in the right place according to Feng Shui. It sounds scary and a bit complicated, but people need to start gradually and stick to the old folk saying “measure twice and cut once” and there will be no problems.

There are several prohibitions according to Feng Shui philosophy:

  1. Water on the right side of the front door – seen from the inside out and refers to the water inside and outside the home. This location of any amount of water is unfavorable for the family / residents of the home if the person is married and / or has a bad reputation for a single person. For married men, this water brings troubles, ie numerous opportunities for adultery, which can sometimes be used under the influence of unfavorable Feng Shui. In ancient China, a rich person was considered to be the one who had the most gold, money, but also concubines, because only a rich man could have a larger number of wives. Today we live in different times and most people value other values, fidelity, marriage and smaller family communities. Therefore, it is important to never keep a fountain, a small artificial lake or, for example, a water-flower arrangement in this place, because it is an extremely unpopular position for the family. Logically related, the water in this place brings (in cooperation with unfavorable flying stars) sexual scandals that have a noticeable echo in the public. Place a waterfall or a small fountain to the left of the front door if at all possible as this position is particularly convenient. Always let the water flow towards the home and not from the home and keep it at least a few meters away from the front door.
  2. Bedroom Water- The water used in Feng Shui is always Yang. The bedroom should be a little more Yin. Therefore, the water in the bedroom becomes Yin and acts adversely. It harms health and harmonious marital relationships. It is not advisable to place even pictures with water motifs in this room. Experts claim that a glass of water on a small nightstand will not bring harm.
  3. Water behind the back-This is related to the aquarium, fountain and pictures with a motif of water that can be found out of sight, behind the back while a person is sitting, resting or doing chores. Does not apply to faucets and vases. The same warning applies to a stream or river that flows behind the home, and a lake or fountain behind the house. Water located in this way brings misfortune in the form of betrayal in private and business life. From the people least expected of it. Violent upheavals and unexpected problems are possible. Therefore, this element should always be kept under control. If there is a river, lake or stream behind the house, of course the family cannot change it. That is why there are corrective elements and means advised by Feng Shui experts.
  4. Unfavorable water – stagnant water, turbid water that stinks, water in which something rots. It can be an aquarium that has not been cleaned, a vase that needs an urgent change of water, a terrarium with a turtle that is on a hunger strike, or even a small lake full of fallen leaves. It can also be a forgotten ordinary glass of water dropped in an unusual place (for example on a bookshelf). Such water collects dust for days and attracts disease and misfortune.
  5. Water under the stairs – this is another location where you should not stand anything watery, especially for families with children. Vases with flowers, water arrangements, aquariums, room fountains seem at first glance an ideal decoration for the empty space under the stairs. Keep in mind that walking on the stairs symbolically “treads” on these valuable symbols of wealth and prosperity (according to Feng Shui principles) and thus belittle these important principles. The space under the stairs directly affects children’s happiness and offspring (whether the children live in a home or out of the family house/home in completely different locations) the installation of water in this place causes financial damage.

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