Touching wood with both hands best transmits positive energy

Touching wood with both hands best transmits positive energy
People have known since ancient times that trees are not just ordinary creatures from nature. Trees protect and help people who are in difficult situations by providing shelter and food. Touching a tree or hugging a person’s hand with a tree is both an alternative method of healing and an energy exercise. It soothes and protects trees. The larger the tree then the better and stronger the therapeutic effect. Official medicine recognizes the benefits of trees. In every sanatorium, medical and spa spa and rehabilitation medical center there are parks and yards full of the most useful trees (birch, oak, linden, maple, pine in continental areas and juniper, yew, cypress, beech in the southern Mediterranean areas with plenty of sun). One of the segments of the spa, for example, is the walks among the parks with these trees.

  1. Doctors recommend inhaling medicinal air filled with phytoncides (natural antibiotic). Trees emit phytoncides and strong vitality energy that can be absorbed with the whole body.
  2. Trees draw energy from water, soil, air and the sun. The trees are practically at the intersection of these 4 elements and take the best of each element. Tall wood can absorb but also transfer more energy to people.
  3. Trees, like humans, are different from each other. Each person will fit in completely with a tree, while the same person will remain indifferent to a certain type of tree. Different trees have different effects for women and men.
  4. Birch, linden and pine trees are close to women. Oak and ash are best for men. Each person should find their own tree. If a person feels warm when in contact with a tree, even during winter days, then he has just found his own tree. Personal feeling and intuition should be followed.
  5. Try to find a tree near your place of residence that will turn physical and mental exhaustion into positivism, cleanse negative thoughts, remove stress and give much-needed life energy. Embrace the wood with both hands because then the energy transfer is maximum.

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