9 bizarre abilities of the human body

9 bizarre abilities of the human body
Many people experience gout just before a drastic change in weather while some people, for example, have a migraine before a cold. The human body can really make some spectacular appearances because of the power it possesses.

  1. Sick joints predict the weather forecast-Orthopedist Robert Teight claims that there are truths in stories about painful joints. “The air pressure drops before the storm hits. The nerves in the joints register a relative increase in fluid pressure that causes pain. Maybe my joints hurt a lot, but at least you can take an umbrella before leaving the house, “he claims.
  2. Eyes detect a cold – “Everyone shakes when they are cold, but if you want to know when someone has a serious cold, then just look that person in the eye. With severe hypo-thermia, blood vessels constrict to save energy – This leads to occasional narrowing of the visual field, “says ophthalmologist Dr. Rupe Hansra.
  3. The heart can predict the future – researchers from one university in Italy and two universities in America have done interesting research. Respondents were shown different photographs and reactions were studied. Some images were emotionally neutral. Some of the pictures were scary and provoked an appropriate reaction. The scientists found that the heart rate speeds up 10 seconds before showing the subjects a disturbing photo. The heart somehow foresaw what would happen. Whatever one thinks of this research one should listen to one’s heart.
  4. The female sexual organ feels arousal before the brain — research in the Netherlands has shown that the female sexual organ is ready for sexual intercourse before a woman is aware and aroused. This contradicts the claim that men are more visual types than women.
  5. Dilated pupils give off happiness – pupils dilate if a person is attracted to another person – scientists claim. However, this also happens if the person is happy and if the person is in love. The pupils therefore dilate even if a person is watching the sunset or some beautiful landscape.
  6. Smells activate memories — within the area of ​​the brain responsible for emotions is also the area in the brain responsible for the sense of smell. Smells, memories and emotions are so intertwined. Thus, a scent can remind a person of an ancient event from the past and even make them cry emotionally, say scientists from Stockholm University.
  7. Eyes predict the onset of spring-allergies that cause itchy eyes and tears can be an announcement of the arrival of spring (although the weather is still cold, cloudy, rainy with snow). The number of pollen particles grows before the weather changes, scientists claim. People who have a pollen allergy know this well.
  8. The digestive system can give a person superhuman abilities – adrenaline is secreted if the brain is excited. The heart rate increases, breathing becomes faster and the digestive system “shuts down” to allow the muscles to tighten more than usual. Yes, a mother can really pick up a car if her child is trapped under the car.
  9. Migraines predict extreme temperature changes- people who have migraines are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and to very hot or very cold weather. Such changes create a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes migraines. Therefore, people with migraines are advised to stay indoors while the temperatures are extremely low or high.




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