Amber is a petrified resin formed over thousands of years

Amber is a petrified resin formed over thousands of years
Amber is a piece of petrified resin that has been formed for thousands of years. It was once thought that amber could be a cure for all diseases. Chopped amber was used to rub teeth for shine, whiteness and purity. Stomach and stomach ailments were treated with amber water. This stone is believed to give a feeling of security and inner warmth. If the mood. Amber has been formed for thousands of years, so the energy of this stone is incredibly powerful. The unique bioenergetic properties of amber confirm this. Lithotherapists say that this stone emits healing heat that a person feels when touching the stone in the form of a barely noticeable tingling on the fingertips. Many owners of amber jewelry like to use that jewelry all the time. This is explained by the fact that amber is a stone that gives protection to the owner. Amber is kept in a box with dark velvet or plush. This stone should be washed occasionally with warm water. This solves the accumulated negative energy from the stone. The stone will last a long time if the owner takes care of the amber jewelry carefully and with love.
Rejuvenating massage with amber: during the massage, a small amount of amber acid is secreted from the stone, which easily penetrates through the pores to the deep layers of the skin. The result is an acceleration of energy metabolism in cells and an increase in the growth of healthy cells. Amber soothes and cleanses the skin. It activates the process of collagen synthesis, restores the durability and elasticity of the skin and the natural color of the skin. Cells are saturated with oxygen due to regular and short procedures. Fine wrinkles straighten and slow down the aging process. The massage lasts half an hour. It is necessary to perform 20 to 30 procedures to get the maximum effect from the massage. Massages can be done every other day. Be sure to clean the amber after the massage. Fill the amber with solar energy. Prepare 2 glasses of water. One glass with hot water and one glass with cold water. Ice can be added to cold water. Keep amber in this water just before and during the massage. The procedure is performed along the massage lines. Each stage lasts 2 to 3 minutes. The first stage is done with hot stones while the second stage is done with cold stones. From the base of the neck to the chin. From the center of the chin to the tips of the ears. From the corners of the lips to the ears. From the nostrils to the ends of the ears. From the middle of the forehead to the temples.

Medicinal properties of amber:

  1. Amber earrings and necklaces protect against colds and contribute to faster recovery from the flu.
  2. Pendants are worn around the neck to prevent an attack of bronchial asthma. It is used in the area of ​​the solar plexus to prevent heart disease.
  3. Amber placed on the crib normalizes the baby’s sleep.
  4. Amber necklace cleanses the body of toxins.
  5. Jewelry made of this stone strengthens the mood of all people, especially meteorologists.
  6. A stone heated between the palms and placed on the temples will cure the headache.
  7. Necklace and beads are worn against headaches.
  8. Beads and brooches made of unpolished amber help heal the thyroid gland.
  9. Amber inhibits the growth of malignant cells. So the experiments showed. The tumor simply turns into a group of dead cells that are gradually resorbed.
  10. An amber bracelet or a stone sewn on clothes will protect against rheumatic diseases.
  11. Any jewelry made of untreated stone is used to treat the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract infections.
  12. Amber cured chronic fatigue.

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