Cosmetic treatments for a better look, ironing wrinkles and removing fat deposits

Cosmetic treatments for a better look, ironing wrinkles and removing fat deposits
New treatments and procedures appear on the world aesthetic market every year. Some of the treatments mean eyelash transplantation, thigh hole reduction therapy, ear reconstruction and the like. The use of snake venom for beautification is also topical in the world. This means using preparations that contain substances from snake venom. There are also treatments with 24 carat gold and many others. Wellness centers also have a popular aquarium treatment with small fish. A person puts his feet in an aquarium where small fish bite dead cells on their feet. Some people believe treatment with aphids that supposedly detoxify the blood and slow down aging. Bathing in donkey milk is also offered. A lot of world singers and actors believe and say that they now have a younger face after cleansing with a mixture containing nightingale feces mixed with rice and water. The cult of beauty is much more pronounced all over the world today. Both women and men want to have flawless beauty regardless of family and social commitments. Symmetrical facial constitution is a prerequisite for beauty – say beauticians. Genetics also has a role to play. Nevertheless, for female and male visual receptivity today, it is very easy for many people to achieve satisfactory and flawless beauty with the help of medicine.
Over time, aesthetic medicine has become part of regular cosmetic procedures.

  1. Mesotherapy – a common and frequently used method (among the more aggressive aesthetic methods) is mesotherapy. It is a medical technique of inserting various active substances with a micro-injections. Micro-injections are inserted with needles into the layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This technique is usually done once a month or seasonally. Mesotherapy, however, does not mean a radical change in appearance. This therapy recovers only the surface layer of the skin. The person looks fresh and rested after the therapy.
  2. Botox (botulinum toxin) – many people also want to correct facial wrinkles caused by facial expressions. This medicine is used by many women and men. The treatment is performed at most once or twice a year. The treatment is transient. It is recommended that the user undergo a medical examination / consultation before the procedure.
  3. Fillers-wrinkles caused by aging or heredity are effectively filled with fillers of various types with more or less natural materials. Fillers are a special type of preparation that fills and corrects existing wrinkles on the face.
  4. Permanent hair removal with a laser is one of the most sought after aesthetic treatments.
  5. Cellulite removal – ultrasonic cavitation is used (method of partial removal of fat deposits and cellulite with ultrasound).
  6. Cellulite removal with mesotherapy cocktails – another popular procedure for removing fat deposits on the body. The popularity of these aesthetic procedures depends on the trends promoted by celebrities and companies.
  7. Injection of growth factor from one’s own blood plasma – is performed in the athletes’ joints for recovery. These treatments were performed 100 years ago but were known in orthopedic circles. When a famous person did a facial plasma treatment in front of the cameras, the treatment became popular and was called “Dracula treatment”. It is an injection of plasma rich in activated growth factors that is light yellow in color. An ideal and successful aesthetic procedure is an invisible procedure on the user, i.e. an unrecognizable but performed procedure.
  8. Cinderella’s procedure is popular in the world. Here, the patient with dissatisfied feet is removed. This way the person has narrower legs and can wear their favorite shoes.
  9. Breast augmentation or reduction is a global trend that is done in beauty salons. The International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) believes that liposuction (removal of adipose tissue) ranks first with 18.8% share in all aesthetic surgical interventions. Then popular are breast augmentation with 17%, blepharoplasty (eyelid tightening) 13.5%, rhinoplasty (nose correction) 9.4% and abdominal tightening with a 7.3%. For these 5 hit procedures, the dominant countries are Brazil, USA, China, Mexico, Japan, India. Although the popularity of surgical procedures varies from state to state. Advances in cosmetic surgery are present daily with innovation and advances in technology. There is also an increase in the number of non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic beauty treatments that make a person look more beautiful, fresher and youthful. The most sought after non-surgical procedures are “botulinum toxin”, hyaluronic fillers, laser hair removal (i.e. laser hair removal) and similar treatments. Countries dominated by non-surgical treatments are Brasil USA, Mexico, China and to a lesser extent Japan, Hungary, South Korea, India and Germany, say dermatologists and beauticians.

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