Mimosa is a beautiful winter flower


Mimosa is a beautiful winter flower

The mimosa flower has its own holiday that has been celebrated for half a century. The name of this flower means “actress” (Mimosaceae, Latin mimus, Greek μĩμος, actor).

Mimosa has roots in Australia. At an audition in Norway in 1968, Mimosa was chosen (by a distinguished jury of screenwriters, producers and directors) to represent the city and its inhabitants around the globe. Thus, the mimosa has been attracting attention with its freshness and fragrance since 1969 on the biggest city stages of Herzeg Novi, Belgrade, Vienna, Budapest and Paris. Mimosa time is a period of winter (when the continent is dominated by snow, winds and icy rains.). Then this flower provides the best. Neat and even feathery green mimosa leaves spring from the canopy. The leaves are full of small and fragrant yellow flowers. Mimosa was chosen as the official flower of the Winter Olympics when the whole world admired it (Sarajevo, 1984).
The city of Herzeg Novi (Montenegro) has dedicated a holiday to mimosas, which is celebrated at the beginning of each year. The bright flower of Mimosa celebrates its own holiday on the main streets of the city with City Music, majorettes and many domestic and foreign guests. The world famous Mimosa Festival is celebrated in Herzeg Novi, where the days are long and warm even during the winter.

  1. Mimosa Festival will be held from 18.02. to 05.03. 2022.
    You can find more about mimosa and other interesting things from Herzeg Novi on the pages of the book “Herzeg Novi Picture Lexicon”.




For more information about Herceg Novi (Montenegro):



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