Ayurveda: Herbs that regenerate nerves and strengthen memory


Ayurveda: Herbs that regenerate nerves and strengthen memory
Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) or brahmi (The Herb of Grace or Gotu kola plant) and vitanie (Withania somnifere-ashvaganda) plants are very well known in Indian Ayurveda medicine. They improve the functioning of the nervous system and memory, and general general health.
Both brahmi and ashvaganda have a long tradition of use in Ayurvedic medicine. They are considered “madharasajana” – herbs that help the ability to learn and restore memory. They also increase the general strength and vitality of the organism and resistance to stress. They rejuvenate the whole organism (including the brain). For thousands of years, Brahma and Ashwagandha have been treasures of treasure in Ayurvedic medicine and at the same time a tonic for nerves and brains. Ashwagandha should be avoided during pregnancy (except according to a doctor’s recommendation) because it is also a wonderful food for the fetus, but it is traditionally used for abortion or to speed up childbirth. Brahma improves concentration and controls anxiety. Recent studies in Australia have shown that brahmi increases the ability to learn and remember adults between the ages of 45 and 60. Children who use brahmi also show improved memory, concentration and learning ability. Ashwagandha is a general tonic used to treat exhaustion, inflammatory conditions and insomnia.


The action of plants – both brahmi /Gotu kola plant and ashwagandha contain substances that are responsible for the stimulating effect on the brain and nerves. Studies say that bacocides (in brahmi) and vitanolides (in ashwagandha) help recover damaged nerve cells and restore circulation in the nerves. Brahma also has an antioxidant effect and strengthens blood circulation in the brain.


The combined action of these plants is fast and efficient.


The combination of these plants (dried or fresh) or essential oil helps the following people:

  1. To all who want to improve memory and cognitive functions
  2. Students who want to increase their learning ability.
  3. Professionals who want to maximize intellectual vitality
  4. People under stress who are difficult to control
  5. Exhausted people who want to strengthen focus and life energy.
  6. People with cognitive impairment associated with aging. Cognition is a mental process that people use to remember, reason and better understand. Cognitive deterioration can be caused by stress, aging, illness and other factors.
  7. Children who have reduced concentration and ability to learn.



http://www.ayurvedacollege.com (California College of Ayurveda)

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