MH Biser-is a craft business that makes pearl jewelry

MH Biser (Pearl)-is a craft business that makes pearl jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, nanowires and carpet). MH Biser also singles out corporate gifts from the offer.

Mrs. Hatidža Smajić, owner of a craft business
Pearls consist of layers of mother-of-pearl, which are stacked on top of each other (layer by layer). The composition of pearls is very simple, a combination of crystalline form of calcium carbonate (aragonite) and organic protein (conchiolin) that binds crystals and makes pearls one perfect whole. More layers make the weight of pearls greater. There are pearls of different shapes and different colors. White pearls are the most common, so pearls in pink and lilac shades.
The stratification and the shell in which the pearls are formed are the most important. Pearls can be made naturally but there are pearl farms / kennels. Pearls grown on farms in Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, the coast of Australia are formed in a shell (lat. Pinctadamaxima). These schools mostly give the pearl white color. Silver shells give metallic gray pearls and gold shells produce pearls of intense gold color.
The rarest pearls are pearls of black, blue, green, blue and metallic silver. Large and beautiful black pearls from Tahiti are the most valuable. They have dimensions of 9-16 mm.
Larger grain – means better quality pearls.

Crafts MH BISER Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
NAME CRAFT ACTIVITY MH BISER Owner: Hatidža Smajić Sarajevo
ADDRESS: Nikole Šopa 9
Sarajevo Canton

Online shop is also available.

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