Plants according to signs from the Horoscope (Nature Horoscope, Part One)

Plants according to signs from the Horoscope (Nature Horoscope, Part One)
This “Nature Horoscope” was prepared by a group of 6 Italian experts (nutritionist, astrologer, phytotherapist, holistic, psychologist and naturopath / herbalist). The horoscope of nature explains and gives advice for the preservation of mind, body, emotions, relationships, love and spirituality.
Flower therapy – wild oats. Aries is emotionally demanding. So he quickly gets tired of what was previously exciting. He is constantly looking for the ideal that seems around the corner. Wild oats are recommended to strengthen determination and perseverance.
Key words of the year: patience and solidarity.
Motto of the year: The falcon is a bird that knows how to wait and dare for everything that comes.
Tips from nature: the first half of the year is very hard. It takes a lot of energy to overcome physical weakness and seasonal illnesses. The plant Couch grass (lat. Elymus repens) is great plant for you. Eat dried fruit during your lunch break. Take tea from the African red bush.
Flower therapy-Often those born at this time of year feel sad and inconsolable because they cannot achieve any concrete success. Willow helps these people to forgive others because no one is perfect. People need to get rid of bitterness, anger and envy and realize that they are not victims of chance.
Keywords: instinct, harmony, openness
The motto of the year: a person easily adapts without resistance.
Tips from nature: let the person get out of lethargy because they will have numerous and useful encounters.
White chestnut flower bud therapy. These people are innocent and gullible so they remain eternal teenagers constantly craving new things. People in this sign adapt easily. These are very intelligent people with a mild spirit and people in constant motion. These people do many things superficially and are distracted and in constant search of new experiences.
Keywords: instinct, adventure, reflection.
The motto of the year: people in this sign are strategists of their own destiny.
Spiritual advice: people will solve old unresolved problems with friends and relatives. The famous Brazilian writer and novelist Paulo Coelho explains and says “Closing the circle is a real art.”
Flower Therapy-Wounded (lat. Agrimonia eupatoria) is a plant that helps this sign to be a diplomat and hide worries, bitterness and deep inner turbulence. The plant helps these people maintain their values ​​in dealing with problems.
Keywords: modesty, sophistication, conscientiousness
The motto of the year: broader vision of the body because the body-temple for people in this sign of the horoscope.
Idyllic relationships: sometimes it is not easy to maintain complicated relationships with family and friends. Enrich your own experiences with newspapers that will improve your world.
Flower therapy: Crab apple. Scorpio is the most controversial and complicated zodiac sign. It has destructive powers that renew you at the same time. Many Scorpios have a double life in some way and live one dark and another world. A crab apple is a type of wild apple that purifies these people. It is an excellent “internal” cleanser, especially suitable for people who feel imperfect with physical, emotional and mental toxins.
Keywords: discipline, tenderness, magnetism.
The motto of the year: these signs are observed but not condemned by creating their own temple.
Natural advice: keep sandalwood essential oil at home to help develop courage and determination.
Flower therapy: Willow. Those born in this sign are convinced defenders of justice. They respect principles and healthy tradition. They often have double standards (they are very resilient to their own personality and inflexible to other people). They waste energy convincing other people that their path is the best. Willow enables finding the border while respecting other people’s opinion.
Keywords: vitality, encounter
The motto of the year: I live and spread experiences but keep my own center.
Good relationships: Your relationships will be less turbulent. There will be opportunities to clarify misunderstandings with some dear friends with whom there was no opportunity to do so.

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