Plants according to signs from the Horoscope (Nature Horoscope, Part Two)

Plants according to signs from the Horoscope (Nature Horoscope, Part Two)
This “Nature Horoscope” was prepared by a group of 6 Italian experts (nutritionist, astrologer, phytotherapist, holistic, psychologist and naturopath / herbalist). The horoscope of nature explains and gives advice for the preservation of mind, body, emotions, relationships, love and spirituality.
Flower therapy: Honeysuckle. People in this sign often idealize the days of the past for fear of facing reality. These people dream of lost time that will never return. The “Eagle’s Nails” plant helps to better cope with reality and the present. It frees you from remorse and helps you see a bright future.
Keywords: Inspiration, blessings, security.
Motto of the year: I breathe deeply and thus discover the meaning.
Spiritual Tips: Drive away voices that encourage a person to be “shut up.” Listen to other people and feel them as part of your own being. It may not be a favorite part but now you have the opportunity to make new friends.
Flower therapy: Rosemary essential oil. Rosemary is a plant that belongs to the sun god. It contains essence in the leaves. Inhaling the essence strengthens concentration and memory, especially during periods of strong effort and during intellectual effort. Rosemary is also the enemy of all illusions that can “look far”. It helps to absorb the clear nuances of life.
Keywords: Determination, faith, caution.
Motto of the year: Greatness is in modesty.
Spiritual health: The year is good for new knowledge and improvement of sports and spiritual activities (for example, yoga). Clarify ideas by preparing the ground for new conquests in the future.
Flower therapy: Arnica (lat. Arnica montana, Köhler). These people love order without improvisation. Arnica is a plant that will help maintain and strengthen self-esteem without experiencing failure. Therefore, these people need to learn to relax more and the unknown.
Keywords: Commitment, vitality, self-esteem.
The motto of the year: each person should listen to their own being which contributes to the strengthening of the individual.
Spiritual advice: One should immediately break with non-functional relationships. Discard the feeling of abandonment. Be a strong tree with firm roots and branches that reach very high.
Aromatherapy: Fir essential oil. Inhalation of this oil gives an antidepressant effect. Strengthens inner strength. The oil has the effect of strengthening the individual if he finds himself in difficulties, although the person may not be sure of the appropriate direction for the continuation of life. This plant stimulates because it increases positive energy.
Keywords: Change, originality
The motto of the year: there is no waste in universal love.
Healthy mind: These people will be stronger, more rational and gentler. The defense mechanism will also be stronger.
Flower therapy: Clematis. The members of this sign are abstract with more imagination than realization. It is often difficult to reconcile the emotional with the practical part of life. Clematis is a plant that ground and helps to achieve great qualities (creativity, imagination, etc.).
Keywords: Movement, transformation, determination
Motto of the year: I am expanding beyond what is useful.
Healthy emotions: The astral side is lively and a bit unpredictable. Such are the emotions in a warm and changeable year.
Flower therapy: Forest and meadow plant “Golden Bile” (Centaurium erythraea Rafn). People in this sign are characterized by extreme flexibility. However, all the elements that dominate this sign lead to instability. This plant is a great choice because it frees from conventions and conformism. Decisions will be easier to make and the strengthening of self-confidence is noticeable.
Keywords: tenderness, solutions, positivism
Motto of the year: Everything that is rational is also creative. People of this sign can play on two fields.
Healthy emotions. There will be a lot of romantic and emotional moments.

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