Beef gelatin in the service of beauty (5 recipes for face and hair care)

Beef gelatin in the service of beauty (5 recipes for face and hair care)
The body produces less and less collagen over the years. That’s why the skin ages and wrinkles form. The skin can be nourished from the inside with regular consumption of gelatin. It is also the best replacement for expensive anti-aging creams. The rejuvenating effect is enhanced if gelatin is used externally.
Digestion improves, hair becomes thick, shiny and stronger without mass loss with regular use of gelatin. Nails are also significantly strengthened due to daily intake. Gelatin supplements will improve the condition of bones and joints. Relieve pain caused by arthritis. With the use of gelatin powder (5 to 10 grams daily), the mobility of the joints is significantly strengthened. Cartilage regenerates. Excess weight can be lost with the use of gelatin because gelatin suppresses the feeling of hunger. Gelatin helps to improve metabolism. It has a beneficial effect on the brain and the entire musculoskeletal system. Moderation is most important in everything, even in the use of gelatin. The recommended doses must be adhered to. Excessive use of gelatin can cause the appearance of stones in the kidneys and bile, increased blood clotting (which is dangerous in the case of atherosclerosis and a tendency to thrombophlebitis).

Proper way to use gelatin
Whisk 2 teaspoons of gelatin in water. Have a drink. The first results are visible after one to two consumations per day for 3 months. Eat chicken broth with bones regularly. Make marmalade, jellies and candies from gelatin and dried fruit. Add gelatin to juices, soups, homemade yogurt (or kefir) and fruit cocktails. Dissolve gelatin in milk and add to oatmeal (breakfast option).

Homemade recipes for masks with gelatin

  1. Anti-aging skin mask – pour one tablespoon of gelatin granules with chilled boiled water. Allow the mixture to swell. Then steam. Add one tablespoon of banana puree (or any fruit and vegetable, such as apple or carrot puree) to the dissolved gelatin. Put the saved mask on your face. Hold for up to half an hour. Remove the mask with a swab dipped in green tea. Rinse face with cold water.
  2. Facial skin tightening mask – whisk one tablespoon of gelatin in half a glass of hot water. Add half a cup of prepared oatmeal and half a spoon of honey. Put the mask on a clean face. Hold for up to half an hour. Rinse face with warm water. You can perform the procedure every two to three days. The treatment contains 10 masks.
  3. Mask for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin – pour one tablespoon of gelatin with a small amount of warm water. Let the mixture melt on steam. Then add one tablespoon of sour milk (or kefir). People with oily skin should add one tablespoon of wheat flour. People with dry and normal skin should add oat bran. Mix all ingredients. When the gelatin mask cools down, then moisturize the face with cream – then put on the mask and hold it on the face until the skin absorbs the mask. Remove the mask with a cotton ball dipped in chamomile tea (or plain warm water).
  4. Mask for smooth and shiny hair – mix one tablespoon of gelatin, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water in a bowl. Allow the mixture to swell. Put the gel on washed hair. Hold for ten minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water.
  5. Recommendation for the use of gelatin for hair-gelatin powder (one pack) can be put in hair shampoo. Shake well before use. This product strengthens the hair, giving it shine and smoothness.

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