Italian “Pomodoro technique” for more rest and better concentration

Italian “Pomodoro technique” for more rest and better concentration
The Pomodoro (Tomato) technique has gained exceptional popularity in recent years due to the quality combination of successful learning, work and rest. Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo devised the Pomodoro (Tomato) technique during his student days. He found inspiration in a small kitchen utensil “red timer” (in the shape of a tomato) while looking for a technique that better organizes time (for learning and rest).
Entrepreneur Cirillo successfully structured the entire available time using a red timer device. Cirillo learned a lot and again had plenty of time to rest and relax. Cirillo claims that despite several hours of studying and writing exams/papers, he did not lose concentration. The technique contains 4 simple steps – the timer is first set to 25 minutes (that is one tomato). After the audible sound of the timer, there is a five-minute break. It is desirable to take a half-hour break after every four tomatoes. So Cirillo managed to study (and write exams) but also have enough time to rest.


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