Oak is a noble and large tree with a powerful canopy


Oak is a noble and large tree with a powerful canopy
There are numerous legends about the oak with the golden acorn and stories about the hidden treasure under the oak. The oak is actually a large tree with a powerful canopy. The bark and fruit of the oak (acorn) are still used in folk medicine.
Benefits of preparations made of oak (bark, branches, leaves and acorns):

  1. Preparations with oak give all-day strength and energy.
  2. Preparations with oak have a good effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system of man.
  3. Oak medicines help pregnant women to endure pregnancy and have a healthy baby.
  4. These preparations are used in the form of anti-inflammatory and astringent agents (absorb bad substances from the body) and wound healing agents.
  5. Acorns, young bark and branches and oak leaves are used. The bark contains resins, sugar, gallic acid (an excellent natural cytostatic that fights cancer cells), pectin, flavonoids, starch, mucus, proteins and organic acids. Tannin is the main active substance of the bark. when applied to wounds, it combines with proteins to form a protective film (which protects the tissue from local irritation by reducing inflammation and pain). Tannin interacts with proteins of microorganisms that it kills or suppresses. Oak bark is part of drinks for gastritis, colitis, liver disease, bleeding of the stomach, spleen and intestines.
  6. Medicinal liquids and teas from various parts of the oak are used for treatment.
  7. Children should never use (oral) preparations with oak. The healing fluid is contraindicated in case of hemorrhoids and constipation. Large amounts cause vomiting, so dosing should be strictly controlled.
  8. Medicinal liquid with oak should not be used for a long period of time. Pregnant women can take oak bark only under medical supervision.
  9. Medicinal liquid is used for rinsing the cervix. Pour 20 g of chopped oak bark with a cup of hot water. Leave on the stove for half an hour. Strain the resulting liquid. Add hot boiled water to bring the liquid to its original amount. Boiled liquid is used as a rinsing agent against cervical erosion (vulvovaginitis).
  10. Acorn (oak fruit) contains tannins, fatty oil, sugar, protein and up to 40% starch. The list includes dyes, tannins and pentosans. Acorns are collected during the fall when they ripen and fall off. The acorns are dried immediately. Mold appears in the pericarp (next to the fruit) during long storage of acorns in the raw state.
    Herbal acorn recipes from around the world
    Poisoning with various types of food and poisonous plants – pour 20 g of dry chopped oak bark with a cup of boiling water. Keep on the stove for half an hour. Strain the liquid. Add enough hot water to get the original amount. During poisoning, take 2 tablespoons three times a day.
    Enterocolitis – pour one tablespoon of dry and mouth acorn with a glass of boiling water. Cool the drink and strain it. Take half a glass up to three times a day against diarrhea.
    Tuberculosis-oak acorns clean from the bark. place in a baking tray. Bake in the oven until they turn red. Chop the roasted acorns. Then pour 3 tablespoons of the obtained powder with one and a half cups of boiling water. Leave for 15 minutes, then strain. Drink one tablespoon once a day. Honey can be added to the drink.
    Diabetes-Fresh and ripe acorns dry and grind to a powder. Take one teaspoon of powder three times daily before meals. The therapy lasts for a month, so you should take a one-month break. You can then repeat the procedure.
    Nervous diseases and anemia – it is expedient to use acorn juice. Grind the acorns in a meat grinder. Separate the juice and take 2 tablespoons of juice with 2 tablespoons of honey before eating. Drink up to 4 times a day.

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