10 herbs for a healthier throat and effective treatment for sore throat

10 herbs for a healthier throat and effective treatment for sore throat
Statistics say that 20% of the world’s population has a sore throat. Every third child is a carrier of sore throat. Treatment should begin in a timely manner with medical therapy and advice. However, herbal remedies can be an adjunct to any medical treatment. Herbal preparations can be an additional adjunct therapy for complicated cases of sore throat (and angina) and in hospitalization and serious medical therapy. Herbs are then only a complementary form of treatment.

http://www.thespruce.com (Kalanchoe plant)
Kalanchoe plant ( http://www.ikea.com)
  1. Spray the throat with iodine, which has a beneficial effect on all chronic diseases. Let the iodine work. Already after the first treatment, the person feels significant relief.
  2. It is desirable to drink carrot juice often with honey and milk, cranberry juice, hibiscus petal tea.
  3. It is recommended to rinse the throat 8 to 10 times during the day. Use lemon juice or grapefruit juice diluted with water (half juice-half water).
  4. The herbal liquid kombucha or water with apple cider vinegar gives an excellent effect (2 tablespoons of vinegar are added to a glass of water).
  5. Kalanchoe leaf can be chewed or swallowed during the day.
  6. Start chewing a small piece of propolis if you feel a scratch in your throat. Propolis is a powerful natural antibiotic. Swallow the saliva. In most cases, this stops the further development of sore throat and angina and disinfects the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth.
  7. Various mixtures of herbs can be used to rinse the throat. It is important to rinse your throat regularly for 10 to 12 days. A good effect, for example, gives a mixture of sage leaves, St. John’s wort, mint in a ratio of 3: 2: 1. Pour one tablespoon of the mixture with a cup of boiled water. Leave for an hour and strain. Rinse your throat with hot tea. A 2: 2 mixture of marjoram and chamomile can be used. The vapor of this tea can be used for inhalation. Phytoncides of these plants are excellent at destroying pathogenic flora.
  8. It is useful to massage the throat / tonsils carefully while rinsing the throat. Do the massage on the outside of the tonsils for more efficient cleansing from toxic products of microbial cell breakdown.
  9. With certain movements with the tongue, the blood flow to the tonsils increases significantly. Swelling of the throat and inflammatory condition are reduced.
  10. The use of honey is especially beneficial. Grease the protruding part of the ladle with honey. Lick slowly with your tongue. Repeat the procedure three times a day.


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