10 tips for decorating your desk according to Feng Shui rules

10 tips for decorating your desk according to Feng Shui rules
Many people associate success and money with professional success and career. However, few people try to do everything to make it happen.

  1. The ancient Chinese art of feng shui says that the upper left part of the desk is an area of ​​money where you should keep a table lamp but also a red (or purple) cash register with small coins and coins.
  2. It is also recommended to keep a vase full of red or purple flowers. Red and purple are signs of wealth in Chinese culture. Also, photos of the job the person will be doing or the item they plan to buy when they receive a raise or profit are kept at the site.
  3. It is desirable to put an inspirational picture or quote on the wall that the person is looking at from the desk. This is how inspiration and creativity increase.
  4. Brightly colored flowers will make the user more creative and stimulate mental activity.
  5. Feng shui knowledge should be used for business goals during the career. The upper left corner of the table is the money area. Pay attention means pay attention to the upper left corner of the table if the goal is to increase your monthly salary or increase your income.
  6. For a pleasant working atmosphere, put something yellow in the upper right corner of the desk and make sure it is paired (for example, a vase with two yellow flowers will be a perfect choice).
  7. Feng shui for better creativity says that you need to set a round table or a table with rounded edges. It is good to put some crystal decoration on the middle part of the back edge that will stimulate intuition.
  8. Knowledge is related to the lower left corner of the table, where frequently used literature (such as encyclopedias, professional books or dictionaries) should stand, which also sharpens concentration.
  9. Health is connected to the center of the table. For a healthy career the table needs to be cleared and clean. It is desirable to keep a decoration in bright yellow (for example, a mouse pad).
  10. With these tips, each desk will look aesthetically pleasing, but will also be decorated according to the rules of feng shui.

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