Proper hygiene of cats is important for the appearance and health of your pet

Proper hygiene of cats is important for the appearance and health of your pet
Cats are naturally pure animals, but there are certain procedures when the owner’s intervention is needed.
Regular dental check-ups in cats are recommended. Cats brush/clean their teeth on their own with their eating process. They eat canned food that can cause plaque to form on their teeth. Cats do not brush their teeth because in most cases cats do not like and do not allow brushing their teeth. The stone created on the teeth requires the process of ultrasonic removal of stone deposits. If you feed the cat with granules, then it is not necessary to brush your teeth. However, regular dental check-ups are desirable.
Nail trimming is a must for pets. Primarily to protect furniture and prevent nail breakage. Consultation with a veterinarian is desirable if the owner wants to cut the nails of cats on their own. The use of special scissors is mandatory. There should be a scratcher in the home so that the cat spends its nails like that.
Cats clean fur with licking fur. They swallow hairs that they throw out in the form of smaller lumps. But the owner can help with regular brushing of the cat. Brushing is a daily obligation of the owner to make it easier to remove falling hair. This prevents the formation of intricate lumps in the fur. Depending on the length of the cat’s hair, special brushes are used. Special brushes can be found in every pet store.
Cats bathe only 2 to 3 times a year. A special shampoo for cats is used for this purpose. Change the sand in the box regularly. Once a week, thoroughly disinfect the container containing the sand.

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