7 most common misconceptions about horoscope and astrology

7 most common misconceptions about horoscope and astrology
Many people today and since the beginning of civilization believe and practice astrology, although astrology has never been officially accepted as a science. Everyone added different interpretations and important / irrelevant items over time. Still, there are some misconceptions that some people still believe in.

  1. Aquarius – although it sounds watery, Aquarius is an air sign or a fixed and male sign.
  2. Children twins and astrology-one minute of 60 seconds has 4 arc degrees. So, one minute is enough to make a difference in the settings of the planets (thus in the entire astrological chart). For an accurate horoscope of persons born as identical or identical twins, it is necessary to know the exact time of birth of both persons.
  3. The astrologer will solve problems – the astrologer is only an assistant and mediator and therefore will not solve any problem. An astrologer will only give a clear picture for a particular individual without embellishing and mitigating values. An astrologer will mean to provide a clear insight and give explanations of some events in life, but it will not help. Each person needs to solve problems on their own, although an astrologer can sometimes give the right guidelines. It is not advisable for a person to do a natal chart on their own after reading a few books. Misinterpretation can occur which often leads to a worsening of a possible problem / ambiguity.
  4. A horoscope can be done for all people – this is a delusion. Astrology experts say that children under the age of 14 should not write / do a horoscope. Children from 14 to 18 years of age can have a horoscope and astrological insight, but with the consent of their parents / guardians.
  5. The sub-sign prevails after 30 years of age – this is nonsense. The greatest emphasis is placed on the main sign in the horoscope, but the sub-sign is dominant in the appearance of a person, body and the first impression that person leaves on other people. A person’s subsign can be recognized rather than an astrological sign. It is important where the planet is the ruler of the sign in which the Sun is and where the ruler is the sub-sign (astrological house and sign) – when it comes to the astrological sign and sub-sign. This misconception may arise because the 29th year of life is actually the year of Saturn’s return to the natal setting. People mature in this period of life by changing priorities, which is probably how this delusion was created.
  6. All Cancers are the same and all Tauruses are the same – this assumption is not correct. No two people are identical, so there are no two identical natal charts. True, some basic characteristics of signs can be more or less emphasized, but not all Leos are selfish and narcissistic, nor are all Cancers emotional, Sagittarius adventurous and all Taurus, for example, stubborn and persistent. You need to know the exact time of birth to calculate the subsign and then do the whole natal chart of the person. Even with Gemini, natal charts are not the same because these people were not born at the same time. This should be interpreted separately.
  7. Astrological house of marriage-incorrect statement or misconception is: a person who has no planet in 6. Astrological house will not actually get married. On the contrary, there are many people who are in relatively happy and long marriages, even though they do not have any planets in the 7th Astrological House. The seventh (7) astrological house represents the house of marriage and partnership. Aspects formed by the ruler of this house with the planets (especially with Venus, Mars, the Moon and Saturn) indicate the relationship in marriage (and partnership) and the possible harmony of these relationships. One of the most difficult aspects is the opposition of the ruler of the astrological house of marriage and the ruler of the horoscope. This is the so-called “seesaw aspect” in which there is both love and occasional intolerance. Practice shows that Uranus in the 1st Astrological House is more often the reason for the discrepancy of marriage and the dissolution of marital and partner relationships (or the impossibility of achieving any relationship). Uranus is a rebellious planet. When Uranus is in a person’s astrological house then that person constantly finds flaws in the partner and other people.

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