The popularity of DNA dietary nutrition in the world

The popularity of DNA dietary nutrition in the world
DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms.
With the development of genetics, it has been discovered that human genes carry very useful information for a person’s life. DNA analysis can detect pre-existing diseases, predispositions for the development of some diseases. New research confirms that the human genetic code determines a person’s proper diet and ways of suitable physical activities and exercise. So DNA analysis provides answers about the type of physical activity and diet that best suits each genetic record (each person) and helps with weight loss.
DNA nutrition and nutrigenetics are based on this. Modern nutritional genetics provides insight into the influence of genotypes on the interaction of diet, physical activity and health. It is a completely personalized approach that has a starting point in the genotype and is unique to each individual. The whole sequence of genes associated with body weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat content, and motor and functional abilities has been identified. Weight loss based on genetic analysis gives 2 to 3 times better results than traditional methods of weight loss / diet. Once a type of diet (food type) that corresponds to a certain genetic type is established, it is always valid because genes cannot be changed, but because of lifestyle changes. The general recommendation for healthy weight loss includes aerobic exercise that helps in fat consumption and thus weight loss. With DNA analysis, we get an explanation of the adequate and correct type of physical activity for a particular genetic record of an individual and help with an efficient and healthy diet. Choosing the type of exercise is important to increase the effectiveness of physical potential and the need to maintain leanness and healthy weight loss. Thus, various diseases can be prevented. The goal is to consult with a nutritionist with laboratory results, who will provide a proper diet based on that. In the end, there is physical activity corrected in accordance with previous results and performed analyzes.
DNA testing has several steps:

  1. A DNA test is done once. It involves isolating DNA from the blood (or wiping the mucous membranes of the oral cavity).
  2. This test analyzes the 6 most common henna variants associated with elevated body mass index (BMI), obesity and increased body fat (the so-called apple-like type of obesity that is at risk for developing cardiovascular disease).
  3. The two most common gene variants associated with lactose intolerance are a common cause of digestive problems.
  4. Secretary status associated with carbohydrate metabolism.
  5. Gene variants related to folate metabolism (vitamin B9) that are important for the functioning of the nervous, blood and immune systems Gene variants associated with endurance, strength and muscle strength and gene variants associated with greater reduction in adipose tissue with increased aerobic activity.

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