5 mini tips and new motifs for Easter home decoration


5 mini tips and new motifs for Easter home decoration
Easter is one of the greatest and happiest Christian holidays. With small details and some new motifs, you can make this upcoming Easter special.

  1. Easter table – decorate the Easter table with colorful artificial eggs. Tie a few pieces of artificial eggs with a linen napkin. Make such interesting new figures. First, green and soft pink combine perfectly.
  2. Ceramic details-trays and egg trays are great details. Use some old trays by decorating them with colorful paper or paper napkins with an Easter motif and arrange the eggs of all patterns and designs on the trays. It will be a magical detail on the table.
  3. The main entrance to the home – make a wreath for the door in a completely new way. Make a joke and sprinkle it with artificial Easter eggs. You can arrange the eggs symmetrically. Add decorative ribbons and attach a few hanging eggs.
  4. Garden – let the outside of the home be cheerfully decorated except the inside of the home. Decorate the fence with colorful eggs. Arrange the eggs strung on a string. Make a beautiful arrangement with a hedge and creepers.
  5. Embroidered tablecloths – take advantage of beautiful embroidered and knitted motifs and antique details. Be original. Decorate your home with original embroidered details (such as tablecloths). Place small embroidered tablecloths in wicker baskets in which you will put colorful and painted Easter eggs.




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