The combination of numbers and personal name reveals a person’s financial situation

The combination of numbers and personal name reveals a person’s financial situation
Numerology is an interesting science of numbers. Numerology connects the financial situation of each person with the personal name obtained at birth.
Calculation of personal number of persons:
First write your name and surname. In the table below, find the number that corresponds to each letter. Then add the first and last name numbers separately. Then add those two numbers. It is important to add the numbers until you get a one-digit number.
1-A, F, N, V
2-B, G, N, Z
3-C, H, O, Q
4-Y, I, P
5-J, R
6-D, K, S
8-T, W
9-E, M, U

1-number 1 tends to always come first. These people try to do their job perfectly because they know that self-esteem depends on it. They never rely on other people and do not count on other people’s help. These people prefer work to capital gains.
2- people always have partners who help them reach the goal and earn money. These people sometimes even support, employ or provide conditions for the realization of business goals and potentials. The potential of “twos” is most pronounced in groups and teamwork.
3-person people may prefer money that they find harder to come by. However, if they manage to connect their own business with the need to have fun, then these people will never lack money. The main characteristic of these people is creativity and willingness to work.
4-people with the number 4 do not reach anything easily and always work hard to reach the financial goal. These individuals also need to make incredible efforts to succeed. They do not give up the rule of fun because of work. You often hear that these people turn down jobs they love and enjoy mostly for better paid jobs.
5-these are very casual people whose biggest earnings are in travel or living abroad. Fives are very adaptable people with good intuition. They have the ability to save money in terms of avoiding wasting and spending money on unimportant things.
6-people need like-minded people to connect with. Sixes have the greatest business success through family business and the continuation of the business family tradition. Sixes are also at risk of poverty through life if they fail in community employment.
7-Weeks easily reveal other people’s secrets because they succeed and can profit solidly from it. These people can sacrifice money to do things they love, believe in, and enjoy. These people can fully enjoy life if their destiny is favorable and they do not have any financial or financial worries.
8-eights love good profits and earnings from the jobs they do. These people can easily make money and even double their earnings. In the business sense and the sense of making money, these people are doing well. One of the main characteristics of these people is that they can invest money in a business and then the money just multiplies / increases.
9-nines are looking for jobs that will bring them quick, easy and big profits. The main characteristic of these people is impatience, which is also the main obstacle in working and earning money. Nines have a great chance to get rich through life if they realize that hard work doesn’t always have to pay off in the first place.

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