The Hungarian Vizsla is a favorite pet of many people

The Hungarian Vizsla is a favorite pet of many people
The Hungarian Vizsla is one of the healthy dogs. However, these dogs can also have problems with hip dysplasia, epilepsy, polo arthritis and cataracts.
This species of dog breeder was created by crossing a Hungarian hound and a yellow Irish bird. This intelligent dog is capable of all kinds of hunting. Any person who wants to get this dog should be aware that he is bringing a hunter into the home. This is a calm dog that becomes very fast when in action. Vizsla has an innate protective instinct that makes this dog a good watchdog. This breed of dog is a good family pet because of its playfulness and readiness to accept training (as long as there is enough space outside the house to run). Vizsla has a balanced temperament. Vizsla can become naughty, destructive and irresponsible if the owner does not work enough with the dog. Rough and rigorous training, on the other hand, will be counterproductive for this type of dog. Vizsla needs a lot of space for her activities (running, walking and exercising). Vizsla also needs mental stimulation (playing and hunting) in addition to physical activity. Vizsla especially loves water so he likes to bring thrown sticks from a lake or river.
Family dog ​​*****
Apartment dog ***
Territorial dog ***
Easy to train ****
Aggression **
This dog’s coat is easy to maintain. During molting, it is best to remove excess hair with a rubber brush. Nails need to be shortened if they are not worn enough.
The main features of Hungarian Vizsla
Country of origin: Hungary
Year of origin: dates back to ancient times
The average size of males height 55-66 cm, and weight is 20 to 27 kg
Average size of the female: height is 51 to 61 cm and weight 18 to 25 kg
Lifespan 10 to 14 years of age
Conclusion: the Hungarian Vizsla is the perfect dog for all people who have a yard or a large and suitable outdoor space.

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