There is already a special community (Shelter for Ukraine) with a mission to unite refugees from Ukraine with people who can give help and a home

European countries are preparing to receive large numbers of refugees fleeing war-torn Ukraine.A special community has already been formed on the Internet, whose mission is to connect refugees from Ukraine with people who are ready to provide them with help and a home. Namely, a special website called ‘Shelter for Ukraine’ was created, whose administrators are former students of Dejan Kovač (from Croatia).

Dear friends,

The mission of this small web is to connect people who needs help due to war in Ukraine and those who is ready to provide it. Thanks for any kind of support.

The site is made very simple and you need to choose whether you are offering help or asking for help. Everyone who wants to offer accommodation must fill out a simple questionnaire with basic information so that people who need accommodation can contact them.

Accommodation is currently offered in many European countries, but also in Malaysia, Egypt and the United States.

#StandwithUkraine #Prayfor Ukraine

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