Decoration, shapes and colors of decorations indicate virtues, flaws, thinking and habits

Decoration, shapes and colors of decorations indicate virtues, flaws, thinking and habits
If an individual celebrates a celebration and New Year’s Eve without holiday pines, lamps and balloons, it means that this person is not a slave to habits. This is not negative because that person loves holidays and celebrations but does everything according to his own discretion and not according to principled expectations. Psychotherapist Nicholas Marcelli says that holiday (non) decoration can be interpreted as the need to stand out from the crowd and be different. Or that Christmas, New Year and other celebrations are not so important to that person that the home is marked with colorful and colorful balloons. For everyone else in the majority group (who likes a decorated home), psychiatrist Marcelli explains the following:

  1. Original holiday tree (pine) – a person always buys new coniferous wood because he wants to bring freshness and change to the home (and thus symbolically in life). In the same way, this person approaches everything and strives for innovation and constant progress, so he invests time and money without thinking.
  2. Artificial wood – it is easier and simpler for people to take plastic decorations and artificial wood out of the box every year. After this choice, the person has no cleaning because after the holiday he just puts the wood back and decorates it in the boxes. The original wood still needs cleaning and storage or planting space if the wood was bought with sod. This is the choice of practical and rational people who treat other people and work rationally and practically.
  3. Traditional decor – your holiday tree has the same look every year because you traditionally decorate it. It means that a person is a traditional type of person. That’s why every star or ornament you put on a pine tree signifies a dear memory that you wouldn’t trade for other modern ornaments. These people preserve and nurture eternal values ​​and are not slaves to habits or fashion trends.
  4. Handmade decorations – these people like to work on decorating wood and home, but instead of buying ornaments, they always make their own decorations. These people love reading tips and instructions on the internet and newspapers and love creativity and imagination. In a few days, these people will have wonderful and unique things and decorative items from their own workshop. These are creative and original people. Their home during any holiday depicts an inner state of mind that is reflected in all other aspects of life and throughout life.
  5. Red balls and red decorations – these people’s holidays are an association of love, joy, emotion and celebration. These people are therefore happy and do not pay attention to negative comments and all other comments. Red radiates energy, so these people are great optimists who see everything as a reason for laughter and joy.
  6. White ornaments – the life slogan of these people is “Beauty is in simplicity”. White is a simple color that is associated with elegance and sophistication. These people love details and clean situations, so any excess (irregularity) brings nervousness. That is why these people always choose redundancy.
  7. Two colors of decoration – people do not like monochrome or the whole range of colors, but choose only two colors. Usually two-tone stars and snowflakes are the choice of these people from shapes and motifs. These people would also choose combinations of red and gold, purple and silver, blue and yellow. This indicates the need for harmony and harmony in everything you do.
  8. Variegated people need everything to be overemphasized, including New Year’s tree and holiday decorations. These people don’t care about negative comments about distasteful variegation but fulfill their own goal. Colorful decorations are associated with joy and happiness. These people approach this way in life, so they are the happiest when the holiday lasts and the saddest when the sadness lasts.

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