Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine

Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine
With sunflower, people are showing solidarity with Ukraine in these sinister and difficult times.
We will now see more and more sunflower emoticons that are a subtle sign of solidarity with the sufferings of the Ukrainian people. It is quite common for symbols of flowers, animals and flags to become symbols of strength and solidarity on social networks and support for a nation in difficult times.

Research by The Conversation shows that after the attack in Paris in November 2015, the most common emojis of support, along with the French flag, were the flags of Great Britain and the United States. During Hurricane Irma, according to The Conversation, red and blue hearts were used to express solidarity, along with animal emojis to express concern for pets lost during the event. Therefore, it is not surprising that the war situation in Ukraine resulted in a sign of support in emojis on social networks, so if you see sunflower on the Internet, you know that it means a lot more.

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