Magnetic storms and oscillations have an impact on human health

Magnetic storms and oscillations have an impact on human health
Oscillations in the magnetic field of the planet Earth cause health shocks in the human body. This is no ordinary change, so experts advise caution. Magnetic storms or perturbations (i.e. disturbances and deviations in the Earth’s magnetic field) are a process that usually lasts 2 to 3 days while the peak of the storm lasts 24 hours.
Changes in blood viscosity (caused by magnetic field oscillations) can lead to congestion in the cardiovascular system. Blood viscosity increases the chances of blood clots forming, reduces gas exchange and pressure, which leads to hypoxia (insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues). The secretion of adrenaline increases and the consequence is an increase in blood pressure as well as due to any stressful situation. This situation can be the cause of serious cardiovascular problems if all of the above is considered. People who already have heart problems should be especially careful. During magnetic oscillations, the secretion of the hormones melanin, internal oxidant and a strong natural adaptogen responsible for resistance to stressful situations is reduced. The body’s resistance to stress is therefore reduced. Dizziness and nervous disorders can occur in emotionally unbalanced and mentally unstable people with an unstable vegetative system.

Magnetic oscillations are strongest during autumn and spring
As a rule, the amount of magnetic storms increases during autumn and spring. These phenomena occur 2 to 3 times a month. Cardiovascular patients have a much harder time withstanding magnetic storms (it is easier to overcome magnetic storms during sunny days) in combination with seasonal depression and psycho-emotional instability. In the absence of the sun, less endorphins are produced and the condition worsens. This means that with the arrival of gloomy days, every person should pay more attention to health. Moreover, it is not only patients with heart problems but all persons. The heart is a muscle that flows blood and that is why the heart reacts faster to such changes. The condition of the heart, however, depends on the quality of the blood vessels that supply the heart with blood. In the conditions of a magnetic storm, the condition can worsen if there is additionally atherosclerosis of blood vessels and a tendency to spasms. The feeling of exhaustion in healthy people can vary during magnetic storms. Some people do not feel the impact of the magnetic storm at all while some people adjust quickly. But more than half of the world’s population still responds to magnetic storms. 10% of that number are younger people.
Protection of an individual from the effects of a magnetic storm
There is an algorithm for the behavior of healthy people during the effects of magnetic storms. It is necessary to reduce physical activity during that period, strengthen the psycho-emotional basis (valerian preparations can be used), strengthen the dose of natural antioxidants (for example, drink more green tea during that period). Positive mood is important. The human body will independently regulate the secretion of happiness hormones and normalize the condition of blood vessels. People with chronic heart disease (angina pectoris, high blood pressure, etc.) know for sure that they need to be especially careful on these days, have available medications and medical therapy and do not take risks. These people should not deviate from the usual use of medical therapy. Also, each person should practice a regime of drinking water (drink one to one and a half liters per day). This reduces the viscosity of the blood, which is important during periods of magnetic storms and oscillations. Coffee and tea do not belong to the necessary liquid, but ordinary water. It is desirable for people with heart disease to reduce the static load (to sit and stand less) and relieve the load from the shoulder girdle. And the dynamic load (walking) should be constantly increasing. It is a kind of cardiovascular training and very useful for the heart.
Symptoms of meteorological sensitivity that indicate that a person is sensitive to magnetic storms and oscillations:

  1. Due to climate change and climatic conditions (for example after traveling to distant destinations with a different climate) a person does not feel very well.
  2. The person has a special sensitivity to changes in the weather and reacts up to 2 days in advance (the person subconsciously has a reaction even to the meteorological announcement of bad weather from the daily news).
  3. The person feels a drop in strength, irritability. He cannot fall asleep for a long time when a magnetic storm is approaching or during changeable weather.
  4. Dark circles and small circles under the eyes appear on unfavorable days.
  5. The person loses appetite and feels stomach discomfort during bad periods.
  6. The person feels constant coldness, joint pain and stabbing in the heart area.
  7. A person reacts with headaches, even migraines, and sudden changes in blood pressure during periods of magnetic storms and weather oscillations.

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