Barefoot walking on dewy clover removes buzzing in the head

Barefoot walking on dewy clover removes buzzing in the head
Walking barefoot on dewy grass was a recommended remedy for noise in the head in ancient times. By the way, millions of people around the world suffer from headaches every day. Headache can occur in healthy people, but it can also be a symptom of several destinations.
The cause of headache can be: atherosclerosis, hypotension, low blood pressure, cold. Headaches are often caused by fatigue, stress, neurosis, paranasal sinus disease, visual disturbances, infectious diseases and poisoning. They can be accompanied by osteochondrosis of the cervical spine (ossification), excessive alcohol use, smoking, allergic reactions, meteorology, heat, lack of oxygen in the higher mountain areas and stagnant indoor air. A constant and severe headache that occurs after waking up and disappears after a few hours can be one of the symptoms of a brain tumor.
Buzzing and noise in the head can be the result of many causes. Noise in the head is most often caused by a sudden narrowing of the blood vessels of the cerebrum damaged by atherosclerosis. This can be one of the most important causes of hypertension. Anemia, kidney disorders, thyroid disease (goiter) and avitaminosis have a negative effect on the condition of the whole organism. They damage the auditory nerve causing noise in the head and ears. Injury and infection of the head and middle ear can also cause nausea. And some drugs cause noise in the head and ears (quinine, salicylic acid medicines, antibiotics) People suffering from Meniere’s disease (a disease characterized by attacks of dizziness, hearing loss, vomiting and nausea) almost constantly feel noise and ringing in the ears.
Treatment should be aimed at eliminating the underlying disease associated with headaches and noise in the head and ears. For rare headaches, relatively healthy people can use analgesics for a short time. Showering with hot water, walking in the fresh air, quality sleep, cessation of alcohol and cigarette use alleviate or eliminate headaches caused by stress and spasm of blood vessels.
However, in case of severe buzzing in the head and frequent headaches, one should be careful and seek medical help. Detailed neurological and psychiatric examinations should be performed by an ENT doctor. The condition of the blood vessels of the head and neck should also be examined, computed tomography of the cerebrum, X-ray of the neck of the spine and blood tests should be performed.
Natural products for additional help
Many natural recipes can be used as an adjunct to basic treatment. These folk home procedures are effective due to various pathological conditions.
St. John’s wort solves noise in the head – oral use of St. John’s wort oil should be introduced if a person has noise in the head and ears. Preparations containing St. John’s wort oil can also be used. St. John’s wort has been proven to have a natural antidepressant effect and also improves mood.
Corn flour solves buzzing – in 2 decilitres of water, pour one tablespoon of corn flour. Stir and leave overnight. Stir once more in the morning and drink. The treatment is repeated for 21 days and while the therapy lasts, avoid pork, alcohol and carbonated beverages.
Almond anti-buzz oil – soak a small piece of cotton wool in almond oil and put it in your ear. Repeat the treatment for a few days until the condition improves. Even better results are achieved if you introduce chamomile products into the therapy.

Arnica tincture against buzzing – drip 3 drops of arnica tincture in the ear as soon as you feel the first symptoms of buzzing. Then close the ear with a piece of cotton wool. With this folk procedure, it is advisable to steam the ears over the liquid with marshmallow flowers.
Wheat bran solves buzzing – mix 3 tablespoons of wheat bran with one tablespoon of dried red rose petals. Pour in 3 decilitres of homemade red wine. Bring the liquid to the boiling point. Remove the pan from the stove and drain. Pick up the remaining sediment and wrap it in a piece of cotton cloth or gauze. Apply another warm compress to the ear.

The head can be washed or soaked with strong herbal liquids of red clover, thyme, marjoram, yellow chamomile and parsley.
Ginkgo biloba – strengthens blood circulation in the brain. It eliminates tinnitus because it has long been considered one of the best natural stimulators of brain function. It stimulates the circulation in the brain, ensuring the maximum supply of oxygen and nutrients. It slows down dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Strengthens memory. The use of natural preparations with ginkgo helps to alleviate the mentioned ailments.

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