Japanese shiatsu massage resolves pain, fatigue and injuries


Japanese shiatsu massage resolves pain, fatigue and injuries
Residents of Japan and the Far East in general are awe-inspiring about health. Shiatsu massage is officially accepted and approved by the Ministry of Health in Japan. The finesse of Japanese wisdom from shiatsu massage is very useful.
Shiatsu (Japanese “shi” -fingers and “atsu” – pressing) -is a method of healing by pressing the fingers and palms on the points through which the various energy meridians pass. This method is based on the subconscious instinctive human desire to massage painful parts of the body when a person is tired or bruised.


Shiatsu massage is considered an integral part of the culture of healthy living in the Far East. Shiatsu is a source of youth, beauty and harmony. Shiatsu is known to help against gastrointestinal tract diseases, colds and even cerebral blood flow problems. It successfully eliminates the condition due to muscle spasm and inflammatory conditions of a particular nerve. In case of serious health conditions, it is necessary for a certified person (or a master of this skill) to perform shiatsu massage over the patient.


Useful tips on shiatsu massage
Duration does not matter. The position of the body should provide maximum relaxation because an uncomfortable posture distracts concentration. Stretch your whole body and rub your palms apart before starting the session. And for a better effect of the massage, start the blood circulation with the help of basic physical exercises (if you have the opportunity).
People who feel very tired can use the following methods to mobilize hidden energy sources:
-grasp the forearm with the opposite hand (squeezing the forearm between the thumb and other fingers). Swipe your fingers up and down, squeezing your forearm slightly. This strengthens the flow of energy throughout the body.
Gently massage the opposite palm with the thumb at the point between the thumb and forefinger. This releases a flow of internal energy that spreads throughout the body.
-squeeze the shin lightly (keep your thumb on the shin muscle). Massage the shin by moving your arms up and down. This facilitates the flow of energy from the head to the feet.


Massage points using shiatsu massage:

  1. Activate smart work – lightly press your fingers under the lower eyelid. Move your fingers up a little. Count to 3. Extend your fingers slightly pressing down. Count to 3. Repeat twice.
  2. Strengthen mental concentration and clearer thinking-press the temples lightly with 4 fingers. Place your thumb under your lower jaw. Repeat twice.
  3. Raising the tone of the body – press the point located 3 to 4 fingers below the navel.
  4. Strengthening the general condition – press the point located on the inside of the hand two – three fingers below the elbow. It eliminates hand and foot fatigue.
  5. Anxiety-Press or massage for at least ten seconds a small indentation of 3 fingers under the kneecap.
  6. Exhaustion — Press the upper little finger joint directly at the joint. Also press the point in the middle of the palm and the central bulge on the lynx of the foot.
  7. Insomnia – shake the earlobes with two fingers.
  8. If a person needs to smoke – press the bone hard where the collarbones meet (but not on the throat) and hold for as long as possible.
  9. To strengthen concentration – massage the natural depressions on the temples (2.5 cm from the end of the eyes).
  10. Feeling of tension and headache – press the point between the eyebrows or press at the same time on the steam points of the room side below the posterior indentation of the skull.
  11. Tired eyes: massage the root of the nose (snout) next to the sinuses.
  12. Back pain – press the point in the middle of the bend below the knee.
  13. Symptoms of menopause – press the top of the chin in the center.
  14. Acute pain – rhythmically press the point in the center of the upper lip. And be sure to seek medical help / diagnosis.



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