8 medicinal ways and herbs for the treatment of diseased joints


8 medicinal ways and herbs for the treatment of diseased joints
Folk medicine recommends many medicinal herbs and plants to treat joint diseases. The choice of plants depends on the general condition of the patient, concomitant diseases, place of residence and the availability of medicinal ingredients.

  1. Birch- pour two tablespoons of dried birch leaves with half a liter of boiling water. Leave for one hour in a thermos flask. Strain. Drink half a glass of fluid three times a day.
  2. Lilac-in a bowl with lilac flowers pour alcohol solution or brandy to the top. Leave for seven days in a dry and dark place. An ointment based on this medicinal liquid and butter (or vaseline)mixed in equal amounts greatly reduces pain. The joints should be rubbed in the morning and in the evening.
  3. Fir-essential oil of medicinal fir has a good antiseptic, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the joints. The oil can relax the surrounding joint tissues during the inflammatory condition. Helps relieve severe pain. The oil is used for rubbing. Use a small amount once to twice a day.
  4. Grapevine leaves – loosely fill a three-liter jar with green grapevine leaves. Pour over boiling water. Leave for 3 days and strain. Drink 100 ml three times a day for half an hour before meals. This healing fluid successfully relieves pain.
  5. Apple cider vinegar – it is believed that in order to improve the subjective feeling, the damaged joint should be rubbed with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can be drunk. Pour 2 tablespoons of this product into one glass of water. Drink throughout the day.
  6. Elderberry – pour one tablespoon of raw materials (roots, flowers or branches) with a cup of warm water. Wrap with dark cloth. Leave for 3 hours, then strain. Drink a quarter cup 4 times a day for half an hour before meals.
  7. Potato shoots – fill a 0.5 liter bottle with long potato shoots. Drizzle with brandy. Wrap with dark cloth. Leave for a month. Strain after a month. Rub the damaged joints with this healing liquid. It is allowed to use this liquid in the form of a compress (which you keep on the diseased joint overnight).
  8. Steam bath – is very effective in the complex treatment of diseased joints (knees, arms, legs, shoulders, etc.). Using steam baths removes toxins from the body. Massage with brooms made of birch or oak improves the blood supply to the joints and stops the creation of degenerative-dystrophic processes in the joints. It is useful to perform procedures in a steam bath and use healing liquids / ointments / balms at the same time.

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