Herbs and exercises that promote blood flow to the brain

Herbs and exercises that promote blood flow to the brain
General mental condition, working ability and health depend on the flow of blood to the brain and spinal cord. Phytotherapy offers herbs and herbal blends to address these discomforts. Some herbs and herbal mixtures have a calming effect, eliminate headaches, dizziness, eliminate tinnitus and tinnitus. Choose plants and herbal mixtures according to your choice and availability of plants (living climate).
Cranberry with horseradish-500 grams of fresh or frozen cranberries mix with 350 grams of honey and 150 grams of grated horseradish root. Grind in a blender. Pour into jars. Keep refrigerated. Eat one tablespoon after meals. Therapy lasts until the mixture is consumed.
Pour St. John’s wort with a cup of hot water over a tablespoon of chopped fresh or dried grass. Leave for 15 minutes, then strain. Take a few tablespoons daily for up to 3 weeks. Contraindications: neurological diseases, angina, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy and lactation, allergies.
Pour one tablespoon of lemon balm with a glass of boiling water. Allow the drink to cool and then strain it. Drink throughout the day. The therapy is long-lasting.
Useful exercises are physical activities that increase blood flow to the brain. Do the exercises daily (lightly and without jerking) 7 to 10 times for each side.

  1. Rotate the head clockwise. Then rotate your head in the opposite direction.
  2. Turn your head left and right.
  3. Tilt your head forward to touch your chin to your chest.
  4. Do after the head back.
  5. Tilt to the side to touch the shoulder with your ear.
  6. Do a light self-massage of the neck area as an additional exercise for better blood flow to the brain.


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