Low-intensity magnets are part of magnetotherapy at home


Low-intensity magnets are part of magnetotherapy at home
Magnetic therapy is a tendency to use ferrite magnetic devices (bracelets, clips, belts, .. etc. for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The use of low-intensity magnetic tools is present in the treatment of locomotor, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Many people still wear chains with magnets for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and other diseases.Low-intensity magnets are placed in various costume jewelry, clips (attached to clothing above any part of the body). , pain in the heart area.It is good during rehabilitation after stroke and myocardial infarction.


The magnet does not have a direct effect on the heart. A magnet on the chest (or other parts of the body) creates a magnetic field that contributes to more intense blood flow in the blood vessels, which reduces the load on the heart. Blood pressure is normalized, blood flow to the brain is improved, headaches and tinnitus disappear. The magnetic field also prevents the formation of blood clots and improves blood composition due to the reduction of cholesterol and harmful deposits on blood vessels. Persons who use low-intensity magnets for treatment purposes are not prohibited from using other therapeutic methods and magnetic preparations in parallel. Such a magnet is constantly worn and removed only when bathing and washing. A low-intensity magnet can be attached to a plain thread and worn around the neck (with length adjusted to the level of the sternum). This can help maintain heart function.
You can get magnetic water at home. Ordinary water is simply passed through a magnetic funnel. You can do this procedure with melted water. The molten water becomes even more biologically active after magnetization. It has a therapeutic effect on the whole organism. Health can be significantly improved if a person regularly makes magnetic water that he uses every day. Many people opt for the method of treatment with magnetic sea water for the purpose of bathing (at home). Dissolve sea salt in water and magnetize it with a magnetic processing device.
There are also contraindications to the use of magnetic water for the purpose of magnetic therapy. Magnetic water is strictly forbidden for people with pacemakers. Individual magnet intolerance may occur. For most people, however, a magnet of lower intensity has absolutely no side effects. The magnet is not addictive nor is there a possibility of overdose. Some people simply need magnetic therapy. For example, people prone to meteoropathy with wearing a magnet first reduce the ailments, but the magnet also contributes to the complete disappearance of meteorological ailments and inconveniences.


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