More greenery and more light means a healthier home

More greenery and more light means a healthier home
Living and business space and hobby space can be more comfortable and healthier with a few changes. This also strengthens the immunity.

  1. Stress and lack of sleep have a bad effect on the body. And lighting also has a bad effect on a person. Blue light stops the production of melatonin, which has a negative effect on sleep. Warm yellow light, for example, has a calming effect. Choose bulbs marked “warm white” for the kitchen and bathroom and marked “soft white” for other rooms. Turn off all screens at least 45 minutes before bed. Use a sun lamp that stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body. Sun lamps are recommended for all people, regardless of the existence of some seasonal affective disorders.
  2. As much as 90% of house dust contains chemicals that can have a harmful effect on hormones-said scientists from the George Washington University. These chemicals come into the home from household chemicals, cleaners that contain phenols, phthalates, vinyl and PVC. Also harmful substances are partly contained in floors, laminates, blinds, shower curtains, armchairs, corner sets and pieces of furniture and furniture in general. Try to buy furniture made of natural materials in your next purchases. This process will be time consuming but cost effective in the long run. Clean the home with a damp cloth to help prevent dust from spreading further around the premises. Choose natural cleaning products.
  3. Some plants are excellent air purifiers from harmful substances. Choose certain palms, Japanese ferns, devil’s ivy (or golden creeper). These plants metabolize toxic chemicals from the space that turn them into healthy air full of oxygen. Caring for plants lowers stress levels and calms the sympathetic nervous system.
  4. Avoid perfumed candles rather than choosing a candle made of plain wax and add a few drops of essential oil. Scented candles contain phthalates and other chemicals that damage the air in the home.


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